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Fantastic Flipshots and the Flipsters behind them

Flipsters are brimming with latent talent and all they need is a platform for expression. In April, a new challenge came their way with Flipshots — a contest to capture a slice of life at Flipkart, in photographs.

Fantastic Flipshots and the Flipsters behind them

In April 2017, Flipkart celebrated the ‘Month of Talent,’ bringing out the best in Flipsters. Flipshots challenged Flipsters to upload photographs that best represented the theme of upholding the spirit of Flipkart on Shutterbug, the internal  photography community. Despite their busy schedule, Flipsters participated enthusiastically.

The winning Flipshots were chosen based on their uniqueness, relevance to the theme and aesthetics.


Life’s a beach

Flipkart Flipshots - Winner

Take a look at this picture. Now, take a second look. This clever picture is aided by serendipity. Besides the paraphernalia on the desk, the most striking feature of this interesting photo is the position of the character and the laptop, which is strategically placed. How about that pina colada?

I think it’s a great metaphor for one of those days where your mind is not at work, even if you’re physically in office,” says Roshan Pai, whose swift presence of mind helped him capture this frame.

Shutterbug: Roshan Pai, Content Writer, Internal Comms
Location: Flipkart Office, Vaishnavi Summit, Koramangala


The Flipster brotherhood

Flipkart Flipshots - Winner

In life, there are some moments which look so inexplicably good. It’s as if the universe conspires against all other forces and aids in clicking the perfect picture. The lighting, the elements that make up the picture, the simplicity, the attitude. When all of these come together, a ‘moment’ is captured just like the one above.

This black-and-white picture was not planned to be captured. Alex, the Flipster who inadvertently captured the image, just happened to be in the ‘moment.’ One biker revealed that they were all strangers once but now they have become part of a Flipster biking group, which takes them on memorable journeys. This shows the ease with which you can find like-minded people in Flipkart and before you know it, you’re on your way to cementing a strong relationship with fellow Flipsters.

Shutterbug: Alex Xavier, Designer
Location: Madikeri


One company, multiple fits

Flipkart Flipshots - Winner

“So many shoes to fill but we have only two feet,“ says Lakshmi Ramesh, a Team Lead with Flipkart’s Catalogue team about the colourful picture she clicked in the studio. The background, she says, was chosen to give a literal meaning to Marilyn Monroe’s famous quote: ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’

According to Lakshmi, this picture means that life is full of endless possibilities and opportunities. It’s about finding out where we fit in and what fits us. And sometimes you need to get out of your shoes and analyse different perspectives, different agendas and aspects of other fellow beings before you judge them.

Lakshmi also explains what makes this photo great. “It’s great because it’s colorful, has an element of my passion [fashion] and it can be interpreted in few other ways as well by the observer.”

Flipkart Stories also took a shot at interpreting this ‘soleful’ picture. We think it’s about challenging the status quo and going against the tide to voice out your opinion.

Shutterbug: Lakshmi Ramesh, Team Lead, Catalogue
Location: FPS Whitefield – Studio 5


All the world’s a stage

Flipkart Flipshots - Winner

Shakespeare’s famous quote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players,” is explicitly brought out in this picture clicked by George Bernard, a Flipster from the Flipkart Photo Studio division. Each Flipster in the picture portrays a character undergoing a ‘disastrous styling day’ — a faux pas, to be more technical. “We have people from all walks of field from our photo studio — from the photographer and the stylist to the studio assistant and the make up artist in this capture. The essence of it is to represent a ‘disastrous styling day,’ bringing out each other’s unique identity, captured in a single frame,” mentions the Manager from the Catalog Team. George sums up the moment as one that, showcases mutual respect, despite each having contrasting identities. “After all, variety is the spice of Flipkart,” humors George.

Shutterbug: George Bernard, Manager – Catalogue
Location: FPS Whitefield


Flipkart’s focus – You!

Flipkart Flipshots - Winner

This particular picture shows one of the many lobbies which are present at the entrances of Flipkart offices. The  lobby is modernistic in style with brand colors complementing the setting.

The blur effect is strategic, helping achieve the focus of the message. This otherwise simple photograph captures the essence of Flipkart’s prime motto —  complete customer focus. While focusing on a certain customer’s problem, other peripheral issues aren’t allowed to take centrestage, embodying the Flipkart value of Customer First.

Shutterbug: Anupam Dey, Assistant Manager – Brands
Location : Flipkart Office, Mantri


Flipshots – Click Pictures. Capture Memories. Share Happiness

Andy Warhol once said, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” Photographs allow us to freeze our memories, travel back in time and relive lost experiences — an experience that Flipsters would surely relate to after participating in the Flipshots contest. 

This fun contest received around 160 entries, each picture bringing out a different perspective from each Flipster. A true reflection of the diverse culture Flipkart embraces. Activities such as Flipshots help employees take a break from work and let them express themselves creatively. From an employee engagement perspective, it allows Flipsters to bond over a common interest like photography. It was heartwarming to see Flipsters actively participate in this contest,” says Dinesh Keerthy, Creative Head, Internal Communications at Flipkart.


Every picture, whether clear or blurry has a story behind it, unlike yesteryears, being a photographer is not a far-fetched dream in today’s world . If you have an eye for something different, memorable and with a unique story, you’re just a few clicks away from being an Instagram celebrity. Afterall, all you need to get started, is a good camera smartphone. So go ahead and start clicking your memories, today.

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