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Flipkart Exchange Policy – it doesn’t get easier than this

So, that fab dress you bought on the Flipkart mobile app doesn’t fit? Exchange it! The Flipkart Exchange Policy makes it quick and convenient

Flipkart Exchange Policy – it doesn’t get easier than this

The online shopper’s constant dilemma: What if that fab dress you just picked up on the Flipkart mobile app doesn’t fit? Help is at hand. Since we don’t want you agonising over your wardrobe when you need to be out on that fabulous date, here’s an easy guide to understanding the Flipkart Exchange Policy.

The Flipkart Philosophy
Our work isn’t done with the delivery of your products. We are committed to making your shopping experience delightful. An important part of this experience is facilitating exchanges.

Is everything exchangeable?
All items where a trial is required to understand the fit can be exchanged. These include apparel and footwear, among other products.

What you should pay attention to:
Ensure that your request for returns is made within the specified time period as mentioned on the product page.
Ensure the product is returned without any damage.

Make sure the apparel or footwear you’re exchanging is also used for trial and is not be washed, ironed or tampered with in any way.

Certain specific categories such as innerwear, lingerie, socks and clothing freebies cannot be exchanged.

When returning the product/s for exchange, ensure nothing is missing from the package including price tags, labels, original packaging, freebies and accessories what were shipped to you.

What are your exchange options?
You are welcome to exchange the item for the same product in a different size and/or color.

Talk to us!
Once you’ve decided to exchange your ordered product/s, you can get in touch with customer care at 1800 208 9898 or (0124) 6150000 and the customer care agent will assist you over the phone.

Flipkart takes over
Once you have requested an exchange, you will be sent an email and SMS with details such as when the pick-up will happen and when the new product will reach you.

The Flipkart ‘we come to you’ policy with no added cost
There is no need to worry about taking your product to the pick-up location as Flipkart will arrange a pick-up directly from your address. The returns pick-up is free of cost and hassle-free.

Be worry-free
We will refund the entire amount paid by you including the shipping charges, gift wrapping charges, etc.

Exchange only what you don’t want
In case you decide to exchange only a part of the entire order of 2 or more products, that too is possible.

Change of heart? We understand
Had a change of heart? Did your best bud fit into the dress and love it too? It’s simple. Just call us at 1800 208 9898 or (0124) 6150000 and let us know. We shall cancel the exchange and you can reject the new item when it is delivered to you.

Flipkart to the rescue
In case you find you need any more help from Flipkart while dealing with vendors, you can email Flipkart at resolution@flipkart.com

It’s that easy!

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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