#ThankYouEcommerce: Messages of gratitude and encouragement from Flipkart customers

Amid the lockdown, many customers have turned to e-commerce to get their daily needs. Grateful for the option to get their essentials delivered, our customers have sent in messages of thanks, saying that it’s e-commerce that’s helped them not only get their supplies, but also stay safe. Read on for some heartwarming accounts.

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Over the course of the last three weeks, people across the country have been anxious about getting their essential supplies while also staying safe. A number of them, especially senior citizens, have decided to stay home, order their essentials online and, in turn, help flatten the curve. It’s from many of these Flipkart customers that we’ve received messages of thanks and gratitude for e-commerce helping them stay safe. 

For Shiv Prasad, a senior citizen and a Flipkart customer from Noida, e-commerce has made it easier to stay stocked up on essentials. “We are old now, and getting these essential goods by ourselves is difficult. Thank you Flipkart, for delivering our order at such a difficult time,” he says in a video message of appreciation.

In Hyderabad, Sarfaraz Alam was anxious when his order was delayed due to the lockdown, but was happy when he received it. “My order got delayed due to the coronavirus situation, but the service has been good, and I received groceries at my doorstep. Thank you Flipkart for being so supportive at this hour,” he says.

Meanwhile, Ankit Yadav from Dwarka, New Delhi, had his order delayed by a week due to lockdown restrictions, but was extremely relieved that it was delivered despite the challenges. “I really want to thank Flipkart for delivering my order at such short notice and supporting my family,” he says, cheering us on.

“The very fact that you guys are delivering orders during a lockdown is commendable,” says Pankaj, another Flipkart customer from Noida, recognizing the challenges faced by the supply chain and the delivery personnel. “The delivery mechanism is hygienic, timely, and we appreciate it. Thank you Flipkart,” he adds gratefully.

Harmeet Singh, a customer from Hyderabad, was ecstatic on receiving his order amid the lockdown. In a generous thumbs-up to the power of e-commerce, he says, “Flipkart gets a full 5/5 for great service during a situation like this!”

Most of the heartfelt messages have commended our dedicated Wishmasters who are out there every day in the summer heat, ensuring their own safety as well as those of our customers. Taking every precaution before they set out of the delivery hubs, our Wishmasters ensure that orders are fulfilled. “Thank you Flipkart, for delivering our essentials during our time of need. Your staff is super supportive,” says Surya Prakash, a customer from Hyderabad, reserving special praise for our delivery personnel.

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As India continues to tackle COVID-19, it’s critical, now more than ever, that you stay home and help flatten the curve. As you save the country by staying indoors, we’ll continue to make sure that all your essential needs are fulfilled.

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