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Flipkart Customer Connect – old customers share new insights

In July 2017, the month of Flipkart Customer Connect, some of our most loyal and long-standing customers shared their most joyous shopping moments. Little did they know that Flipkart had a special surprise waiting for them. Here are some heartwarming stories

Flipkart Customer Connect – old customers share new insights

During the Flipkart Customer Connect program, our loyal customers were gifted the latest #FlipkartUnique smartphone brands including Moto E4 Plus, Panasonic P55 Max and Samsung On Max. Our customers were pleasantly surprised by the visitors from Flipkart and also shared their heartwarming online shopping experiences and insights on making shopping a wonderful experience. 

Between July 28 and July 31, 2017, Flipsters set out on a journey to meet and get deeper insights from customers across India, as a part of the Flipkart Customer Connect initiative. Over the years, Flipkart’s motto ‘Customer First’ has won many hearts, positioning it as the leading e-commerce marketplace in the country. The Flipkart Customer Connect program endeavored to get a step closer to its loyal patrons and understand their perspectives on online shopping. But this time, Flipkart wanted to do something extra special for  our most loyal customers. 

Flipkart came up with a unique idea to recognize and greet loyal customers through this program. How? Our internal teams spent days identifying our most devoted smartphone shoppers and came upon a treasure trove of love and admiration from customers, dating back to 2014. Senior leaders from the Flipkart Mobile Team quickly packed their bags and set off to meet these customers, and in their luggage was a special gift for them.

From Thiruvananthapuram, Bareilly, Mumbai, and other parts of India, here are customers moments that our Flipsters captured during this special Flipkart Customer Connect program.

For the love of books and smartphones

Sandeep Mishra – Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Flipkart Customer Connect - Flipkart customer Sandeep Mishra (L) with Flipster Amrendra Saxena
Flipkart customer Sandeep Mishra (L) with Flipster Amrendra Saxena

Sandeep Mishra is no newcomer to India’s largest online marketplace. That’s what Flipster Amarendra Saxena, Manager at Flipkart, discovered when he met the loyal customer at his home in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, to gift him a brand new Moto E3. 

“I have been shopping on Flipkart for many years now. I started off by purchasing mobiles and books. They have great quality products at fair prices,” shares Sandeep. He adds, “I don’t just shop for myself on Flipkart. I shop for my family members too. I enjoy my online shopping sessions on Flipkart since they have great selection and pricing.”

Shopping for the love of it, and for loved ones 

Alakshendra – Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Flipkart Customer Connect - Alakshendra (L) with Flipster Amrendra Saxena
Flipkart customer Alakshendra (L) with Flipster Amrendra Saxena

Alakshendra had a delightful experience to recollect about Flipkart. “I am pleased with the selection and pricing of mobiles on Flipkart. It has great value for money. I usually shop for myself and my wife,” he said as he received a Panasonic P55 smartphone as a token of appreciation from Flipkart. 

A golden moment from God’s own country

Vinod VP from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Flipkart Customer Connect - Vinod VP (L) with Flipster Manu Sasidharan

“I think you guys are doing a wonderful job in delivering orders. There have been times when my purchases have arrived even before the due date. This makes things easy and convenient for us, customers,” says Vinod VP, a Flipkart customer from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.   

When Flipster Manu Sasidharan handed over a new Samsung On Max to Vinod, this was his response. “I am deeply touched and honored by the effort Flipkart has taken in recognizing me as their loyal customer. I am a busy traveler and stepping out to shop is rather time consuming. With Flipkart, I can finish my shopping anytime, anywhere, while taking into account my family’s valuable opinions,” says Vinod. “Another crucial reason why I prefer shopping on Flipkart is because all the products here are 100% genuine.”

Three years of trust and counting 

Karan Sahani, New Delhi

Flipkart Customer Connect - Karan Sahani (R) with Flipster Rachit Chaudhary
Flipkart customer Karan Sahani (R) with Flipster Rachit Chaudhary

When Flipster Rachit Chaudhary met Flipkart customer Karan Sahani in Delhi and asked why he shopped on the online platform, Karan had just one word for him — ‘Trust.’ Karan explains, “Trust was something that I didn’t have much when it came to online shopping. However, with three years of Flipkart shopping experience I have had, I am now at ease. I regularly shop for mobiles on Flipkart. I have bought around six mobiles so far.” And for this special Flipkart customer, Rachit took a special gift. A Panasonic P55.

Staying fit and smart the online way 

Adhiraj Aditya Singh, New Delhi

Flipkart Customer Connect - Adhiraj (R) with Flipster Rachit Chaudhary
Flipkart customer Adhiraj (R) with Flipster Rachit Chaudhary

The next customer whom Flipster Rachit met in New Delhi had a different experience to share. “I have shopped for around ₹2 lakh on Flipkart. Mostly fitness products,” says Adhiraj Aditya Singh. While gym accessories and clothing have been Adhiraj’s obsession on Flipkart, he has also recently purchased an iPhone 6s. 

When Rachit handed over the neatly packed Moto E3 to Adhiraj during the Flipkart Customer Connect visit, our customer returned a priceless smile of satisfaction.    

Shopping for smartphones, the smart way

Deepak Vashistha – Ajmer, Rajasthan

Flipkart Customer Connect - Flipkart customer Deepak Vashistha (L) with Flipster Sharad Sinha
Flipkart customer Deepak Vashistha (L) with Flipster Sharad Sinha

Deepak Vashistha is one of Flipkart’s loyal customers. He works in the IT department at a college. He is very impressed with Flipkart’s Service level  Agreement (SLAs) and thinks it is better than its competitors in the e-commerce marketplace. That’s what Flipster Sharad Sinha learned when he met this loyal customer in the heritage city of Ajmer in Rajasthan.  

“I have purchased more than 10 mobile phones in the last 18 months from Flipkart for myself and others in my college.” 

Samrat Roy Chowdhury also prefers Flipkart. “I have purchased mobiles, a laptop and Bluetooth devices from Flipkart. I am a gadget-friendly person and I think Flipkart compared to its competitors has great variety and price for electronics,” says Samrat.

Happiness in the City of Joy

K Prakash Rau – Kolkata, West Bengal

Flipkart Customer Connect - Flipkart customer K Prakash Rau (R) with Flipster Charu Khanna
Flipkart customer K Prakash Rau (R) with Flipster Charu Khanna

When Flipster Charu Khanna K met Flipkart customer Prakash Rau little did she expect to see a hardcore Moto smartphone fan. “I began my online shopping journey on Flipkart with a Moto E. Then I moved onto a G2 and the most recent purchase is a Moto G5 plus. I have received all my mobile phones on time, sometimes even before the delivery date,” says the Motorola and Flipkart loyalist about his online shopping journey so far.

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