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Behind The Scenes Of Wild Karnataka With Amoghavarsha Js

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Behind the scenes of Wild Karnataka with Amoghavarsha JS

Meet one of the filmmakers behind Wild Karnataka, India’s first blue-chip wildlife documentary. Amoghavarsha JS interacted with Flipsters after an exclusive screening and spoke of his experience making the landmark film, Karnataka’s best-kept wildlife secrets and his interaction with legendary television presenter Sir David Attenborough

Devdutt Pattanaik on the business of mythology

In this Blue Sky talk to Flipkart employees in Bengaluru, Devdutt Pattanaik explains various concepts from management with examples in Indian mythology, and talks about his new book Faith: 40 Insights into Hinduism.

Sunil Chhetri on football, motivation, and self-confidence

Sunil Chhetri’s incredible impact on Indian football is a testament to the power of a determined individual. In this Blue Sky talk, the star footballer shares insights from his life’s journey, and urges us to be the best version of ourselves.

Kalki Koechlin on being bold for change

Whether she’s playing an unabashedly blunt girl from Mumbai, an NRI music composer or an obnoxious,insecure fiancé, Kalki Koechlin commits to every role with passion and conviction. Talking to Flipsters, Kalki gave her perspectives on gender equality, biases, and more!

The father of Indian quizzing, Siddhartha Basu

Widely regarded as the father of Indian quizzing, Siddhartha Basu has brought the Indian audience some of the biggest game shows in the world, including Mastermind India, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Dus ka Dum. In this Flipkart Blue Sky talk, Siddhartha Basu comments on the Indian quizzing scene and quizzing in the post-Google era.

#ChooseYourAge with Milind Soman

An actor, supermodel, athlete and fitness promoter, Milind Soman identifies deeply with the sentiment of Flipkart’s #ChooseYourAge campaign. In this Blue Sky talk, he gives Flipsters a refreshing take on why people must stop perceiving age as a limitation or a disadvantage.

Decoding India’s indie music scene with Suraj Mani

A pioneering figure in the field of Independent music in India, Suraj Mani is an award winning rock musician, poet and former frontman of Indian rock band Motherjane. In this talk he spoke to music enthusiasts at Flipkart about his inspiration to pick up the guitar at the age of 40 and the state of the Indian music scene

International Women’s Day with Olympian Nisha Millet

Nisha Millet is one of India’s most decorated swimmers– winner of over 600 medals and numerous honors including the prestigious Arjuna award. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018, she addressed a gathering of women at Flipkart in Bengaluru about how her time in the water shaped her as an individual.

Devdutt Pattanaik On The Business Of Mythology

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Behind the scenes of Tahira Kashyap’s new book launch!

A well-known Indian writer and director, Tahira Kashyap is also a cancer survivor and a champion of spreading awareness about overcoming stigma around breast cancer. In this talk, she gave Flipsters a preview of her new book, “The 12 Commandments of Being a Woman”, a satirical look at various issues that women face at different stages in their lives.

In conversation with Gulzar Saab on his new book, A Poem A Day!

One of India’s most celebrated poets and lyricists, Gulzar Saab needs no introduction to most fans of Bollywood. In this talk, he walks us through the inspiration behind his new book, A Poem A Day – a collection of 365 poems by 279 contemporary Indian poets across 34 languages, translated by Gulzar saab himself.

Sudha Murty on Giving, women in mythology, and making a difference!

Renowned author and social worker Sudha Murty talks to Flipsters about philanthropy, women in mythology, and how each one of us can be philanthropic in our everyday lives.

Madan Padaki on CSR, life and satisfaction

Are corporations doing enough for society and to create equal opportunities for all? Has Corporate Social Responsibility really realized its limits? Entrepreneur Madan Padaki answers these questions and more in this Blue Sky talk about the enormous possibilities of well-planned CSR.

Leena Kejriwal on being human

In this thought provoking Blue Sky talk, photographer and installation artist Leena Kejriwal speaks about her art and awareness campaign, M.I.S.S.I.N.G., which addresses the issue of millions of girls who are lost to sex trafficking.

What inspires triathlete Nagaraj Harsha?

At 27, Nagaraj Harsha is an inspiration. This 3-time Ironman & Triathlete has completed 4 International Triathlons, 1 National triathlon and numerous endurance events, while also juggling his full-time job as a Business Development Manager. This inspiring interview is a must-listen!