This Flipkart seller is taking every precaution to ensure that his products reach customers safely

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From sanitizing every two hours to ensuring that his employees don’t have to travel far to get to work, Flipkart seller Sanjib Prasad is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the safety of his employees and customers. Here, he talks about how his company is adapting to the COVID-19 situation and thanks customers for supporting a small business like his. Read his story.


My name is Sanjib Prasad and I sell essential items online through Flipkart. When the lockdown and the consequent restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19 were announced, we wanted to understand how we could leverage e-commerce to keep our business running. Flipkart supported us with timely communication and comprehensive guidelines, and they were eager to resume operations, which I really appreciate.

As we were already selling essentials like sanitizers, face washes, soaps and hygiene kits, it was a hassle-free experience to resume listing our products on Flipkart.

We are taking the utmost care when it comes to employees and business operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After office hours, we sanitize ourselves and follow all the necessary precautions. Currently, we are working with 33% employee strength. Before the nationwide lockdown, we had 20 employees but now only four to five employees are working.


They also reside near our area so we’re ensuring that they don’t have to travel far at all to get to work. When our employees reach the office they sign a logbook. We then take the temperature of the employees and provide sanitizers for their hands and feet. We keep sanitizers at the workstation and near the door. Every 2 hours, I instruct everyone to sanitize their hands and I do the same. We also provide two pairs of gloves, which are removed after work hours. We stick to this routine every day.

We feel proud being associated with Flipkart and being able to serve customers nationwide. We urge our fellow Indians to shop online whenever possible. Companies like Flipkart are doing everything in their power to ensure that all the essentials and groceries are available at affordable prices during this difficult time. It also ensures the sustenance of small businesses like ours. And a big ‘Thank You!’ to all our customers for shopping with us!

As told to Jishnu Murali, with additional input from Pallavi Sudhakar.

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