A #MadeInIndia story: In Mathura, Piyush Agrawal embraced e-commerce to navigate choppy waters

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For as long as he could remember, becoming an entrepreneur was all that Piyush Agrawal wanted. When a job at an MNC didn’t fulfill him, it was returning to his hometown during the pandemic that lit the spark that redefined his future. Read on to know how he now lives his dream!


H ailing from Mathura, UP, Piyush Agrawal knew that he had it in him to be an entrepreneur. Not knowing how or when this would become a reality, he found a job at a multi-national company. While work kept him busy, he never forgot his dreams.

When the pandemic struck, Piyush was out of a job and found himself back home. “During the lockdown months I wasn’t earning anything, so I began wondering about all the things I could do. I felt under pressure and nervous that I had to do something to earn a living.” These factors armed him with a new perspective, and soon his entrepreneurial ideas began to materialize.

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Staying true to his dream to become an entrepreneur, Piyush went in search of opportunity. This is when the idea to start ‘Shankh Store’ hit him, as he realized he lived in a heritage city known as a holy place of pilgrimage, where certain products have a ready market.

“When I went to a temple, I noticed people buying incense sticks. There are many temples with lots of pilgrims, and I believed that as long as there are pilgrims, the items would sell,” he says.

Piyush was right and his drive to make it as an entrepreneur helped him sail the choppy waters of starting a business from scratch. With help from his parents, he started selling locally. Finding success in 3 months, he took the brand online in October 2020 with Flipkart as his partner.

“After getting onto the Flipkart platform, I started getting orders from all corners of the country. What I used to earn monthly, I began to earn weekly,” reveals Piyush. The growth he witnessed continues to fuel his progress even today. Actively investing in the business, the young entrepreneur who set up his small business from home has now set up his own manufacturing unit too.

Proud of what he has accomplished so far, Piyush has no intentions of slowing down. “I plan to make this a business that earns a revenue of ₹1 crore a month, and want to see my products in homes across the country,” he says.

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