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Electronic Accessories – your checklist for every travel adventure


Is your long-awaited summer trip just around the corner? Are you already on a frantic shopping spree for the trip? Then don’t forget to add these electronic accessories to your checklist.

Electronic Accessories – your checklist for every travel adventure

It’s the time of the year to lock up your laptop and hit the road. Every adventure begins with the most important part of the journey—packing. In the course of bloating your bags with lesser necessities, you might forget the few essentials that make the most of these trips—the right electronic accessories.

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Here are 5 gadgets every modern globetrotter must have in their travel checklist.   

Essential #1: Bank on this one – Power Banks

Electronic accessories

Chargers might be able to power up your smartphones in hot spots having a plug point. But what if you are in the middle of a forest or on top of a mountain? The alternative is a reliable Power Bank. Designed specifically for people on the move, this marvelous invention makes sure your phone and camera have enough juice throughout the trip. This electronic accessory comes with options of multiple charging, night light and other features that are ideal for off-the-track travelers.

Flipkart offers top-of-the-line range of power banks from industry leading brands like ARB, Molife and Xuperb. Check out the entire collection of Power Banks available on Flipkart.  

Essential #2: Storage with no strings attached – Wireless Devices

Electronic accessories

A fresh addition to every traveller’s checklist are WIFI electronic accessories, and the latest one that’s doing the rounds is wireless storage device. San Disk recently launched the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, a pen drive that you can access without the hassle of cables. The device is ideal for travellers who want to access or store content on-the-go. Just turn on the WIFI of the pen drive, sync it to your smartphone through an app and Voila! Data is served.

Check out this small and cool travel geek from San Disk. It is available in capacities ranging from 16GB to 128 GB. Check them out on Flipkart.

Essential #3: Hitting the right chord – Headphones

Electronic accessories

Be it a short bus ride to work or a month long vacation at a faraway beach, music is one thing we love to carry during our travel endeavors. This is why getting the perfect pair of headphones becomes an integral part of every travel checklist. From ‘in the ear’ to ‘over the head,’ these accessories come in different shapes, sizes and forms and are suited differently for different people. If you are planning a backpacking trip, we would strongly recommend a good pair of ‘over the head’ headphones.   

Flipkart offers an exhaustive range of headphones from industry leading brand like JBL. Check out the entire collection of Headphones available on Flipkart.  

Essential #4: Rejuvenate your smartphone – Mobile Chargers

Electronic accessories

Smartphones have changed the way we travel. What was 10 years back a camera and a bulky video recorder is now disrupted by this light and handy gadget. While we never let our eyes off this device, most of the time, we forget its closest sibling—the charger. Mobile charger is one electronic accessory that even veteran travels overlook. It’s only when the mobile dies between a call or a photo shoot that you facepalm in memory of this little fellow.

Click here to view the range of Mobile chargers available on Flipkart. It’s always advisable to carry an extra one for those transit trips.  

Essential #5: Electronic accessories for beyond limits – Selfie stick

Electronic accessories

Not exactly an electronic accessory, but never-the-less a must have in every travel bag. While we relate selfie sticks to just taking our own videos and pictures, it has far many more applications for travellers. It lets you ‘literally’ go beyond limits to capture precious moments. From a panorama from the edge of a cliff to a close up of a squirrel up a tree, these sticks come in handy in the most inventive ways, at the most unlikely places.

Click here to find the perfect selfie stick, suitable for your smartphone.

If you are still in the process of planning your trip and have some more time to shop, wait for some fantastic offers during the Electronic Accessories Carnival. It’s just a few days away and this is the #TimeToChange your travel packing.

Electronic accessories

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