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Ekart Courier Box – Package selection guide for your wishes

Planning to send a package though the Ekart Courier service? Not sure which box to pick for your shipment? Here’s help! Be it a small smartphone or a big dinner set, our Ekart Courier Box guide will help narrow down on the perfect carton for your consignment.

Ekart Courier Box – Package selection guide for your wishes

Ever wondered what size of Ekart Courier box to select for your shipment? We have the answer. To make sure your wishes are delivered in the best condition possible, Ekart Courier uses a variety of packaging materials that are designed for maximum safely and security of your consignment. If you want to be extra sure that your courier gets packaged the way you want it, here’s a helpful guide.

Explore this handy Ekart Courier Box selection infographic for choosing a box that perfectly fits your need.

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EKART Courier Box

How to select your Ekart Courier Box

The courier box selection infographic guides you through the packaging options available on Ekart and helps you select the right box for your shipment. The guide also gives you examples of products that are ideal for each type of box.

Note: Please make sure your item(s) fit inside the box selected as the Ekart Wishmaster will carry exactly that box at the time of pickup. The rate indicated will vary based on the box you select for your courier. Once you choose a package, the Ekart Wishmaster will make sure that the right packaging materials are used to ensure that your courier, in the selected box, is completely secured.

Go quick and easy with the Envelope Letter

EKART Courier Box

  • Works best for packing 20-25 letter sheets of 70 GSM, folded twice
  • This packaging is ideal for for envelope-sized paperback
  • Keep in mind that the maximum thickness of your order should not exceed 1 centimeter

Be efficient and effective with the Envelope A4

EKART Courier Box

  • Ideal for wider documents that cannot be folded
  • Perfect for the prep books for competitive exam and workbooks for kids
  • Remember: This packaging is apt for 50-60 A4 size sheets of 70 GSM with a maximum thickness of 1 centimeter

Put it out of harm’s way with the Security Bag SB1

EKART Courier Box

  • Perfect for handy computer accessories like pen drives, data cards and other small storage devices
  • This packaging can also accommodate small mobile accessories that require sturdy packaging

For trendy apparel use the Security Bag SB3

EKART Courier Box

  • This packaging is designed for products like shirts, T-shirts and other apparel
  • Remember: This carton can hold up to 1-2 jeans or shirts or 3-4 tops or tees

Carton S2 for bookworms

EKART Courier Box

  • Best for packing your literary finds from Flipkart
  • Remember: This carton is meant for 1-2 books weighing up to 1.5 kilograms

Guard digital devices and fashionable finds with Carton B0

EKART Courier Box

  • Prevents damage to new hand-held or portable devices such as smartphones, external hard drives and power banks
  • Also apt for carefully and correctly packing in your new headphone, sunglasses, wristwatch, keys or belts

Go compact yet safe with Carton B1

EKART Courier Box

  • Suitable for the small toys you’ve ordered for your little one
  • Makes a sturdy packaging solution for small home items such as kettles, jars that weighs up to 2 kilograms

The small yet crucial finds a home in Carton B24

EKART Courier Box

  • Works best for small, everyday home essentials like sandwich makers and grills, cutlery sets, casseroles or boxes
  • Opt for this carton to pack your over-the-ear headphones and footwear

Slightly bigger essentials go in Carton B39

EKART Courier Box

  • Safely secures your portable vacuum cleaner and other medium-size home electronic items
  • Also serves as a reliable package for pop-up toasters and helmets

Safe sending with Carton B23

EKART Courier Box

  • Applicable for packing laptops and computer peripherals like keyboards
  • Also ideal for parceling induction cooktops, medium-sized backpacks, jackets and paintings

Keep it together with Carton B41

EKART Courier Box

  • Best for safely packaging the parts of a juicer, mixer or grinder
  • Also works to secure dinner sets, keeping them safe from chips and scratches during transit

Find dependability in Carton B37

EKART Courier Box

  • Secure enough to pack in dainty footwear without danger of a heel getting broken or a strap getting torn
  • Safe for packaging delicate devices and gadgets like tablets and selfies sticks

EKART Courier Box

Now that you know how your wishes should be packed best, go ahead and place your order

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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