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Dragon War ELE G12 gaming mouse: Interactive feature guide

With 9 programmable keys, auto-reload and fluid tracking, the Dragon War ELE G12 offers a sneak-peek into the next-generation of gaming. We got the exquisitely designed, 3200 dpi mouse in our hands and this is what we experienced.

Dragon War ELE G12 gaming mouse: Interactive feature guide

If you are serious about gaming, the Dragon War ELE G12 is a top-of-the-line gaming mouse that you must own. For the uninitiated, gaming has come a long way. In 1993, the gaming world went berserk with the release of Doom—a sci-fi horror-themed PC game that introduced the concept of network gaming and featured a vertical navigation experience. Developments in this epic release contributed towards the evolution of FPS or first-person shootout, bringing to the world the likes of Quake, Half-Life and Call of Duty.

The new gaming genre inspired game-makers to refine and redefine the FPS experience. But high-end visuals and features was just the beginning. The hardware required upgrades to give users a holistic experience of the game. Among hardware, the traditional, all-purpose mouses is one component that underwent a massive transformation. Custom capabilities were developed only for gaming and today, the products from the Dragon War brand stands testimony to this change.

Dragon Mouse

To gamers around the world, the Dragon War brand would be nothing new. It is one of the top gaming accessory brands to develop high-end hardware for PCs—and their selection of mouse definitely stands apart. One of the latest offering from the brand, the ELE G12, is known best for its smooth tracking capability. Its macro function allows users to define and record custom profiles—enabling them to set the right comfort level for playing. The gold-plated USB connector is devised for a reliable transmission integrity. The gaming mouse also comes with 7 control buttons, 9 programmable keys and high-speed 2.0 USB connectivity, suitable for almost every interface. Overall, the Dragon War G12 is gamer-focussed—giving users a swift and smooth gaming experience.

What makes the mouse one of the most sought-after gaming devices today? Find out from our interactive feature guide.

Dragon War ELE G12: your gaming companion


Dragon War ELE G12

For all you gaming enthusiasts, here’s a quick video on Dragon War G12 mouse, available on Flipkart.

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