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Chetan Bhagat ends LI5E… yes, it’s an April Fool prank!

Famed author Chetan Bhagat recently launched the first product from his new entrepreneurial venture—the LI5E EQ smartband, on Flipkart. In less than 24 hours after the announcement, LI5E is no more. Why? Because it’s April Fool’s Day! Here’s how the prank unfolded. But the #CBFLipLi5E contest was real. And here are the winners!

Chetan Bhagat ends LI5E… yes, it’s an April Fool prank!

You guessed it! The Flipkart-Chetan Bhagat partnership to launch LI5E was — how can we say this with a straight face? — an April Fool prank. But jokes apart, the contest on Facebook and Twitter was real. So, have a laugh on us while the joke’s on you, because the prizes are also on us.

Thanks for being awesome sports and playing along. And for sharing some of the wackiest ROFL ideas for Chetan Bhagat’s “new line of products.” He’s mighty inspired!

Flipkart Stories thanks Chetan Bhagat for being part of this fun April Fool prank. And we thank all our enthusiastic participants for playing along.

Finally, the big announcement! We have winners today, and we are proud to feature the top entries from our contest on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Winners will be contacted individually to verify their eligibility for the contest. Subject to verification, our team will get in touch with you about your prizes. Congratulations! And spread the laughter!

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