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How a human approach to technology is endearing Flipkart to millions

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Fourteen percent of all internet users in India — 60 million people — shopped online in 2016. According to a Morgan Stanley report, by 2026 this number will rise to over 50%. As more and more Indians embrace online shopping, Flipkart’s technology with a human touch is helping bolster this shift, shaping digital habits in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. These customer stories attest to the effort that Flipkart has made in research, development and innovation to deliver technology that understands and serves the unique needs of the Indian customer.

Billion Capture+ Customer Reviews – Read what certified buyers are saying

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Made from reviews by Indians, for Indians, the Billion Capture+ is capturing hearts across the country. Don’t want to take our word for it? Read the first-hand experiences of everyday Indians in these honest and transparent customer reviews to get a real-life feel of what the Billion Capture+ is all about. Gear up for the next sale on November 20, 2017