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Playtime ready? This easy guide will help you pick the perfect toys for kids

Barbies and X-Men aside, there’s a whole world of toys for your kids to have fun with, while letting their imagination run wild! It’s time to get creative about what you put in your child’s playpen — and this list of the best toys for kids is divided by age group to help you do just that. From a breakfast buffet that’ll have your little one raring to eat to a paper quilling set your preteen will love, read on to see what our toy store has to offer.
Sophia Stephen

Intelligent Fashion – How data weaves Flipkart’s private brands

Just five years from inception, Flipkart fashion ventured into private brands that have, in a short time, gone on to become bestsellers on the platform. What makes these brands tick? An enviable stash of data that decodes just what today’s Indian shopper seeks and a capable in-house team at its stylish Bangalore headquarters that has one single goal — to marry this data with creative expertise.
Team Flipkart Stories

How Divastri, Flipkart’s first Private fashion brand, is weaving the future of ethnic wear

In 2012, Flipkart started a brand new journey on the ramp by adding fashion as a fresh category in its already expanding product portfolio. Five years after the launch, fashion on the online platform took a new turn. Flipkart launched its first-ever private brand fashion range — Divastri. What makes this brand stand out in a world loaded with fashion and lifestyle products? Flipkart Stories took a peep inside the closet and here’s what we discovered.