Home Autos 7 cool car accessories you can buy for under ₹1000!
7 cool car accessories  you can buy for under ₹1000!

7 cool car accessories you can buy for under ₹1000!

Transforming your car on a budget? We have some great options.


Car accessories can be really useful and sometimes add safety to your driving experience. That doesn’t mean they can’t look stylish too. Here are some great options that will transform your car while being light on your wallet.


Bottle it up

Whether you’re on a road trip with friends or simply carpooling to work, you’ll find that there are never enough bottle or can holders in your car to meet everyone’s needs. Here is a great accessory that can be fixed to the door-pad of your car and used when required. The additional advantage is that it can be folded when not in use, becoming less distracting during your everyday driving.


Flat tyre—a problem no more

Picture this: you notice you have a flat tyre and the puncture repair mechanic is a couple of kilometers away. Leaving your car locked at the side of the road while you try to hitch a ride or calling the mechanic and waiting is tiresome. If you have a car tyre inflator with an inbuilt compressor, you can fill air in your car tyre and drive to the repair shop. Car tyres typically lose air slower than they take to fill it up which is why this nifty accessory will allow you to drive for 5 to 10 minutes before your car tire is flat again. Capable of filling air in a tyre in around 5 minutes, it also allows you to check the air-pressure of your car tyre at home providing additional convenience.


Daytime running LED lights

Stand out from the crowd with these bright LED-powered lights, designed to be on all day. This external accessory is usually fitted on the front bumper of your car and the lights turn on when the car is switched on. The lights are not so bright that they will blind oncoming traffic but are bright enough to be seen from a distance. In heavy fog situations, they can also function as a fog light. A useful accessory for a very affordable price, right?


Holding up your shades

A thoughtful accessory, this sunglass holder, easily clips onto the sun visor of your car. Most of us wear sunglasses while driving and stowing them when we need to take them off often leads to fumbling at the wheel. This sunglass holder enables you to store your sunglasses in a convenient yet non-intrusive place.


Blind-spot no more

All you cautious drivers know that you need to be especially wary of your blind spot—the area that you cannot see when looking forward or when looking through the side view mirrors even if they are angled towards you—especially when changing lanes. These convex blind-spot mirrors, when fixed to your side view mirrors, will help you see if any vehicles (or people!) are in your blind spot area and deflect traffic as deftly as possible.


Sensitive rear

Whether you’re a newbie at the wheel or an old hat, a little help is always appreciated. With these parking sensors, which fit the rear bumper of the car, you can detect any object that may be in the path of your car. The smart sensors also provide audio notifications and sometimes visual notifications, covering a range of 2.5 meters from the car. The sensors are automatically activated when you select the reverse gear, and sound a beep as they detect anything behind the car—be it a small wall, a large stone, humans or animals.


Watch your back

Sometimes sensors that detect objects aren’t enough; you need to actually see the car’s surroundings before proceeding. That’s when these night vision enabled cameras come to the rescue. Featuring a 170-degree viewing angle, the camera itself can be fit either above the license plate or on the bumper. You will need a screen inside your vehicle to view the camera feed and ensure that you keep distance when reversing.

What do you think about these car accessories, and which one is your top pick?

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