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Camera buying guide – SLR, Bridge or Point-and-Shoot?


Dreaming of a camera that suits your passion and lifestyle? This camera buying guide will help you choose the right one

Camera buying guide – SLR, Bridge or Point-and-Shoot?

Any camera buying guide must target beginners and seasoned photographers equally. It must help you choose the right equipment to suit your needs on the basis of your skills. No matter whether you are a seasoned photographer or one just starting off, here’s a guide to help you buy the right camera.

Camera Buying Guide – Compact or Point-and-shoot Cameras

Getting yourself a Point-and-Shoot camera does not mean that you resign yourself to inferior picture quality, as the line blurs between these and Bridge cameras. Point-and-shoot cameras are the lightest among the different camera types — and the easiest to carry around. Some, in fact, are so compact that they can be carried in your pocket. They are ideal for travel, family picnics and get-togethers.

Going up to 16 MP, the picture quality of point-and-shoot cameras has improved significantly since they were first manufactured. Another great feature is the quiet operation of the camera, which allows for beautiful candid shots that don’t disturb your subject. It is also easy to frame a shot with point-and-shoot cameras as they typically have a big LCD or display screen. Finally, they are also the most economical to buy. Prices start at just a few thousand like this Fuji camera and go up to 5 figures and more like this Sony camera.

Camera buying guide

Fuji Film Finepix AX200 – Buy on Flipkart for Rs. 4999/-

camera buying guide

Sony DSC WX350 – Buy on Flipkart for Rs. 16,873/-

See the full range of point-and-shoot cameras here

Point-and-Shoot Camera Buying Guide – Watch the Video

To make your photography experience richer, watch this video that gives you 5 tips on how to get the best photos from a point-and-shoot camera.

Camera Buying Guide – Bridge Cameras

As the name suggests, this is the camera you choose when you want better quality pictures than the point-and-shoot. Bridge cameras offer better optical zoom quality and therefore more clarity and detail. Prices are still reasonable and, best of all, you still have the option of ‘pointing and shooting’ rather than fiddle with the settings to get the right shot. The bridge camera also gives you the option of working the settings manually to capture the perfect shot, helping to build your interest in photography. Bridge cameras are compact and easy to carry compared to DSLRs. Further, they do not come with the additional burden of having to invest in (and lug along) multiple lenses. Check out the popular Canon and Sony Bridge cameras to see the specs.

camera buying guide

Canon Powershot SX60 – Buy on Flipkart for Rs. 27,099/-

camera buying guide

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V – Rs. 23,990/ –

Want a tutorial on how to take a fantastic close-up shot with your Bridge camera? See this video:

Camera Buying Guide – DSLR Cameras

Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras feature a removable lens and a reflex mirror that allows users to view the subject live through the mirror. When the shot is taken, the mirror flips up allowing the camera to take the shot. While these cameras are typically the bulkiest, the DSLR allows the user to take perfect shots—the ones that normally make magazine covers and billboards. The option of changing the lens allows the camera to be fitted with a long-range lens ideal for photography at a safari or a wide-angle lens for those panoramic shots. Further, with the right accessories, including flashes and filters, the user can build their DSLR to suit their purpose. The DSLR also allows the photographer a much better depth of field. From bringing the background into focus to blurring the foreground, the options for the skilled enthusiast are endless. DSLRs are the most expensive of the camera types available, however, the price points have been reduced over the years. See the Nikon and Canon variants, which are considered the best DSLRs by experts.

camera buying guide

Nikon D3300 – Buy on Flipkart at Rs. 24,470/-

camera buying guide
Canon EOS 7D Mark II – Rs. 139,995

Browse the full range of DSLR Cameras on Flipkart

If you’re a first-time user of a DSLR, here’s a video that will give you the basics on shutter speed, ISO and aperture!

Did we miss any models that you like in this camera buying guide? Leave your opinion in a comment.

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