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A look at the Polaroid Cube – a great action camera


Is the Polaroid Cube the right mix of an action camera bundled in a fun package at the right price? We have the answer.

A look at the Polaroid Cube – a great action camera

There are many action cameras in the market and they all have specific strengths, weaknesses and varying degrees of usability for specific purposes. This is possibly why the well-designed, easy-to-use Polaroid Cube feels more like an action camera that wears many hats. It’s great to look at and extremely simple and intuitive to use thereby making it the perfect tool for new and experienced users. The set of features it brings to the table enable it to serve several purposes as a stand-alone device thereby making it an easy investment as well. We’ve compiled a list of features to highlight the device’s capabilities:


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Quirky personality with a compact build

Compared to other action cameras in the market the quirky yet retro-looking Cube is easy to use. Its ability to take a beating or two also helps give it an edge over the others. The other action cameras appear very utilitarian in comparison, but the Polaroid Cube is different: you want to stare at it, play with it and its compact dimensions are a blessing. The Cube has been designed at Ammunition, the San Francisco based studio that also designed the Beats by Dre headphones. Clearly these people know a thing or two about what moves us!

Freedom from the after-selfie review rush

The Cube doesn’t have a screen to check what you’ve shot which is why you don’t end up spending more time deciding whether the selfie you just took was right instead of actually having fun taking more selfies and videos. The Cube provides freedom from the photo review rush and helps you focus on the event at hand. Yes, some selfies won’t be great but you will enjoy the time spent with friends, family and whatever activity you’re engaged in.

The devil is in the details

Use it to believe it. Simplicity and convenience is the logic behind the Cube’s design. It features just one button that caters to all your ‘shooting’ needs. Press the button for three seconds to make it come alive. Press it once to take a picture, press it twice to start video recording, press it again to stop recording and another three second press will turn it off. A small flashing light provides visual cues to what is happening. Simple and fun to use, no?

Easy fix

The Cube comes with a magnet on the bottom. A really strong magnet on the bottom that will easily attach itself to an metal and while the ‘bond’ may not be strong as Araldite, it works on slow moving objects or on objects that aren’t moving too much. Yes, there are various mounting devices and accessories to go with it, including a headless monkey stand—which stands out—but the unique and fun feature about the Cube is this magnetic feature. At most, the added assurance of a rubberband (that you can use to fix it in place) is enough to add the ‘until death do us apart’ hold!

Your lifestyle fix

The product is designed to be comfy to carry around even when you’re not using it every day. After all, we are not going to be doing super-exciting things that we need to record with professional precision on a daily basis. When you are making that view-one-view-all hashtag or dubsmash video you can still use the Cube. It’s got that versatility built into it with the size and ease of use along with the right camera specifications, which include a 6 MP lens and video recording at 1080 pixels.

Life proof

The rubbery outer casing of the Cube makes it is easy to carry in your backpack as you can just throw it in along with all the other knick-knacks without wondering about damaging the camera. The camera is, what we like to call ‘life proof’— designed to be shockproof and weatherproof, it can take a dip in water too. For longer intervals of submersion we suggest getting the waterproof cover.

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