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Buying jewellery for women – a man’s guide

Be a man and shop like one for your lady love. Take tips from this jewellery buying guide for men and you will dazzle her

Buying jewellery for women – a man’s guide

Buying jewellery for a significant other can be stressful. All that glitters, isn’t gold (or even precious!), so if you find yourself in that unenviable place where jewellery shopping is on the cards, dump the neighborhood jeweler and swipe your cards online. Rest your worries, for buying jewellery online on Flipkart is both safe and reliable, with the provision for secure exchanges and returns. This buying guide will help you navigate endless choices and prices to find that perfect gift for your beloved.

Have clarity (of thought!)

Before you log on and get clicking, be clear on some of these key aspects:

  • Budget: A range (with a hard upper limit) of what you are willing to spend
  • Material: Platinum, gold or silver — decide which precious metal you want
  • Type: Decide the specific kind of jewellery you’re looking for—a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet or bangles
  • Color: Have some idea of the color you want: all white, gold with red or blue (depending on her favorite color or stone), rose gold with white stones, etc.
  • Size: Make sure you understand your exact size requirement (for rings) as well as the overall design size, whether it’s delicate or slender to chunky or bold
  • Style: Jewellery is crafted on a specific design language, so decide if you want contemporary, minimalist pieces or temple jewellery that is more elaborate Traditional pieces will also work really well if your lady love is a fan of heritage jewellery

Nail the basics

Be price-wise. Check the prices of the metal and gemstone you are interested in buying a day before you plan to buy it. Though most newspapers will report the previous day’s rate, you can simply search for the most current rate on the internet.

Quick tip: The rate of gold is generally quoted for 10 grams.

Of course, the price of precious jewellery also takes into account the making charges, which depend on design and intricacy. Armed with this information, you can ensure that you get a fair deal. Remember that gold and silver also have a resale value so you can also factor that in to the piece you are planning on buying. Another thing to take note of is to understand the basic jewellery jargon that you’re sure to read.

Here’s a round-up of the must-knows for precious metals and gems:

buying jewelry

Gold Basics

Gold is rated in karats from 1 to 24, with 24 being pure gold. As 24k gold is permeable, most pure gold jewellery is made with 22 karat gold and jewellery that combines gold with precious stones is crafted in 18 and 14 carats. Though yellow gold is the natural color of the metal, two popular hues are rose gold and white gold, which are created by the addition of alloys like silver, copper, nickel, platinum, etc.

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Silver basics

There’s only one thing to keep in mind when buying silver and that is its purity. Pure silver has a 999 rating, which means it is 99.9% pure. Silver with a 925 rating has a purity of 92.5%. This is also is commonly referred to as sterling silver. These are the most common purity ratings for jewellery.

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Platinum basics

The most expensive metal used in jewellery, platinum is an exquisite choice, especially when paired with diamonds. Ensure that you check the purity hallmark — Pt950 — in any platinum piece you buy to ensure an authentic purchase.

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Diamond Basics

The 4Cs are really not as complicated as you think; here’s our quick-fix guide:

#1: Carat: The carat is the mass of a diamond. The common perception is that carat is a measurement of the size of the stone, which is actually a misunderstanding! One carat equals 0.2 grams. Diamonds of higher carat are more expensive. Remember though that the price increases exponentially with the increase in the carat and not directly!

#2: Cut: The cut refers to the quality of the diamond, not the shape. The cut of the stone is determined by how well the facets of the diamond interact with light. The greater the reflection of light, the better the cut of the diamond. The rating goes from Excellent, Very Good and Good to Fair and finally Poor. The rating of the cut is not always mentioned, so be careful and make sure you can check.

#3: Color: With perfectly clear and colorless considered the best, the scale goes from Z to D with D being the clearest and without any color. If you are looking to buy good quality diamonds look for anything above K. Remember, the price increases the closer you go to D and correspondingly, the size decreases. So spending a large amount of money for a clear stone of a small size may not be the best way to go!

#4: Clarity: Natural diamonds are made by tremendous heat and pressure applied to carbon over time. This can leave its mark on the diamond with internal imperfections called ‘inclusions’ and external imperfections called ‘blemishes’. As you guessed, the lower the occurrence of blemishes the more expensive is the diamond. It is possible to have two stones with the same rating for clarity but which look different to the naked eye. So be ‘clear’ what kind of a diamond you are looking for!

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The best thing to do when buying jewellery online is to rely on certificates that ensure purity and authenticity. The BIS or Bureau of Indian Standards is the hallmark for gold and silver. The SGL or Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories and GSL, or Gem Studies Laboratory certification for diamonds are also very reliable certifications. The IGI or International Gemological Institute certification for diamonds and precious gems is also one of the most common certifications available.

A friend in need…

Still nervous? Once you have shortlisted the pieces you can buy, take a second opinion. Ask your friend, your Valentine’s friend or your mom or someone in your family to okay your choices so that all the questions that you forgot to ask are addressed. The certificate of quality, the details of the weight, the price, etc. could all be discussed one more time before you click buy!

Finally, now that you’re ready for buying jewellery online…

No matter what others tell you, always buy jewellery only when you are completely satisfied with your choice. No point in regretting your decision later. Remember to also consider the likes and dislikes of your Valentine as you try and pick the right piece!

Now that you’re armed with the information you need for buying jewellery online, start your search for that perfect piece here!

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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