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Follow these tips before buying big furniture online

Concerned about buying big furniture online? Follow these useful tips and suggestions for worry-free shopping

Follow these tips before buying big furniture online

Electronics, books and gadgets are common online purchases but sometimes huge deals on big furniture are too tempting to ignore. Regardless of whether you’re furnishing a new house, setting up an office or renovating your living space, you no longer have to meander from store after store. Shopping online lets you sit back and browse through the offerings of as many retailers as you wish online, save the ones you fancy and reap the benefits of the incredible deals, all with a few convenient clicks and taps. However, because buying furniture forms a substantial investment, we’ve compiled 10 smart tips that will keep you from regretting what you’ve ordered.

View images from all sides

A picture speaks a thousand words which is why the first thing to do is give the product image its due. Do not overlook the scroll bar below the picture with multiple images of the furniture from all sides, from the top and maybe the bottom too. The alternative views will enable you to evaluate the table or couch from all angles. Carefully scrutinizing the images or zooming in up close can reveal some features of the furniture that may not be in the description.

Read the description

After you’ve seen the product image, its time to pay attention to the accompanying description. Perusing the product description will reveal everything from the the materials and finish to the color, texture and even care instructions. You can confirm whether the dining table is made of particleboard or solid wood and if the mattress displayed in the image actually comes with the bed! Don’t overlook this super important aspect, because when you’re buying furniture online, you can’t just rely on images.

Measure to suit your space

The picture of that couch may look perfect for the cozy alcove in your living room only to turn out too large to fit when it finally arrives. Just as you cannot judge a book by its cover, don’t make the mistake of estimating the size of furniture from its image. Take a measuring tape and actually measure the available space before comparing it against the size specifications on the website. Measure the vertical elements too so you can ensure a proportionate fit.

Read the reviews

The customer reviews at the end of the page are there for a reason. Why fail to take advantage of them? Surf through user feedback to get a handle on the construction and durability of the product you are considering. While this will save you needless remorse later, do not let one bad review sway your decision either! Take a balanced view of the product reviews as well as your understanding of the product and its usability and make your decision.

Check shipping fees

Transporting bulky furniture is an expensive proposition and most online merchants pass on this expense to the buyer. Review the shipping and handling charges to assess the actual aggregate cost to you, so you’re not bewildered once you get to the payment page.

Note installation instructions

Once you’re clear about the shipping fees, recheck the installation details. Is it part of your purchase where the seller will ask his service partner to visit your home and set it up for you or is it left for you to take care of? Knowing who is in charge of the installation as well as the time period of expected installation will only help influence your decision.

Pay attention to the return and exchange policy

What if the online merchant refuses to exchange the product later? Will he actually accept a return and if so, what are the charges, if any? Read the fine print to get a fair understanding of the terms of exchange such as time period allowed, return shipping fee and so on.

Check seller ratings too 

You may have chosen a reliable and secure online retailer like Flipkart, but is the merchant selling the product equally trustworthy? Smart online shoppers never fail to clue in to the individual seller’s reviews and ratings. This will shed ample light on everything from the quality of products and packaging to order issues and shipping complaints. Steer clear of low ratings for obvious reasons!

Time of delivery 

One of the most important things when it comes to ordering large furniture online is the time it takes for your order to reach you. So pay special attention to the ‘Delivered By’ date estimate and make sure that your urgency and the time of delivery actually match.

Brand warranty 

Last but not the least, check the warranty of the product you’re placing an order for. Reading the warranty summary will tell you the duration of the warranty and if servicing personnel will come to you or if you’ve got to go to them, as well as the service charge and warranty exclusions so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Shop wisely and enjoy buying big furniture online!

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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