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Relax, here’s how to buy a recliner online

There’s nothing quite like your personal recliner. Before buying one online, sit back and read these tips to choose right

Relax, here’s how to buy a recliner online

Whether it’s your refuge from the crazy world, a perfect addition to your man cave or just where you like to curl up and watch some TV, there’s nothing quite like your personal recliner.

Here are 3 helpful tips on how you can zero in on the right recliner for you.

Kindly (don’t) adjust!
Recliners broadly come in three types of designs. Choose among them based on just how much you want to recline and, of course, the space available in your home.

a) The two-position recliner: No points for guessing that there are only two settings in this recliner: the chair position and the complete recline, which may be achieved by releasing the footrest. Ensure you have enough space around the recliner otherwise you will be knocking things around as you recline! These recliners are generally the cheapest, but offer limited choices in color and designs.

b) The rocker recliner: Once again, the name describes the function; this type of recliner rocks while reclined, which is very useful for people suffering from insomnia and also for nursing mothers. The rocking motion helps you fall asleep, although it probably isn’t the kind you will want for watching TV. Its super comfy nonetheless, so figure out if rocking is what you want your recliner to do.

c) The push-back recliner: These are very comfortable and are also called flex-back recliners. They’re available in leather and other fabrics and look fantastic in any home. Taking at-home comfort to a whole new level, these recliners are characterized by the ability of the seat back to recline to your desired position or angle. Most recliners of this variety usually come with 18 angles that are already set. Jump onto one, stretch back, place your feet onto the adjustable footrest to find seating nirvana, and you’ll see that whether the television is on or off becomes increasingly unimportant!

It’s all about the fit
In this case, one size doesn’t fit all. When you’re buying recliners online, we recommend that you pick one based not on full family comfort but the specific build of the family member who’s most likely to use it. Choose the one that is the most suitable for you, particularly paying attention to the depth and width of the seat. Each member of your family may not find the same recliner comfortable—taller people, for example, may prefer a deeper and larger seat.

It’s about the look
A full leather recliner is considered the most comfortable, but tends to be expensive. There are also leather-match recliners where the seat, seat-back and arms are covered in leather while the rest of the chair, as in the lower sides and the rear, is covered in faux-leather, which brings the price down while affording you a sophisticated look. You can also get a leatherette recliner that gives you bang for your buck with great design. Some other upholstery options include microfiber, which is easy to clean and is available in multiple color options and finishes, as well as linen and wool, if fabric is more your speed.

Choose a recliner that suits your pocket, your style, and your reclining preference, and we think you’ll catch a glimpse of heaven!

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