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Buy car tyres online, it’s never been easier!


Everything you need to know about how to buy car tyres online in India, explained. What are you waiting for?

Buy car tyres online, it’s never been easier!

Who in their right mind would buy car tyres online, right? Be surprised.

If a visit to your local mechanic confirmed what you were suspecting since that annoying wobble started to seep into your thoughts as you drove your car, your car needs new tyres. Instead of sweating it out and wasting your day looking for the right tyres for your car out in the big bad world, you can read these easy steps that will ensure that you have a great experience of buying tyres online.

Ensure that you’re buying the original
Tyres provide the only contact between your car and the road—or at least they should be the only contact between the car and the road! That’s why it is important to get original tyres from a well-reputed company and ensure you are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty against damage.

The more the merrier
As you delve into finding the right tyre for your car, it is important to understand that your car and your tyres will be in a committed relationship for the next 25 to 40 thousand kilometers. The larger the choice of brands and options within the specific size, the better. Don’t shortchange yourself by getting something non-specific for yourself and get ready to browse and scroll until you find the right option.

Too high to handle
Once you have picked the ideal mate for your car, ensure you are getting the best price for the tyres you are buying online. All car tyres are generally sold at lower than MRP prices so if you’re shopping online, you’ll avoid the chore of comparing prices from different tyre retailers in town; after all, it’s easier than searching shops all over the city!

Size up your tyre
The secret to tyre size is looking on the tyre to find a set of alphanumeric details such as 185/65R15. This could be written in a large bold font or a rather small easy-to-overlook font depending on which brand your existing tyre has been made by. Here is the cheat sheet:

185 is the measure of the width of the tyre in millimetres (mm).
65 is the aspect ratio, the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width of the tyre.
R specifies radial tyres or radial-ply tyres, which is a design of the car tyre.
15 is the diameter of the wheel on which the tyre sits.

When buying tyres online for your car, be careful to note this specification of your existing tyres and then look for tyres of the same specification.

Easy installation option
Buying the tyres can be made easy but once you have received your tyres, you need to ensure that they are properly fitted on your car. Remember, ill-fitting tyres can become a safety hazard. At Flipkart you are provided with a convenient installation service where a reputed service partner will replace your tyres for you at a reasonable cost, ensuring you the peace of mind of a job well done.

Get a replacement commitment
Always remember you can count on the Flipkart’s replacement policy to ensure that any damaged or defective products or an item sent to you incorrectly will be replaced at no charge within 10 days.

Now that you’re ready, choose your car tyre here.

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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