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7 stand-out features of the brand new Moto 360

As Motorola updates the Moto 360 smartwatch with a second generation twist, we highlight its top 7 new features

7 stand-out features of the brand new Moto 360

As with smartphones, smartwatch technology is making rapid strides, making wrist wear both user-friendly and kink-free. The Moto 360, in its second generation, gets added features for comfort along with some that are unique. We take a look.

Voice text

All smartwatches allow you to view text messages, but the Moto 360 goes a step further by allowing you to reply without having to fish out your phone. Lift your arm and simply say “reply” to answer a text. It’s cool, easy and bound to make you feel like quite the tech whiz!

Style candy

The Moto 360 has moved from being a round device with straps to a more stylish product that comes in two dial sizes – 42mm and 46mm. The new edition of the watch also comes with lugs (lateral attachments) on either side along with strap options that include metal and leather offerings with widths of 16mm, 20mm and 22mm. The bezel (outer frame) is better designed with the crown now moving up to the 2 o’clock position, although you may still find it a bit clunky.

Handy and hardy

The display of the watch is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to ensure that the screen remains scratch-free, and of course, to give it additional defense in the case of a fall. The watch is also IP67 certified, which means that it is protected against dust and continues to work effectively when immersed in water within the depth of 15 cm and 1 meter. That’s pretty cool, right?

Smooth operator

Ditching the old TI processor, Moto’s second-generation watch comes with a Snapdragon 400 processor, enabling clear and smooth animation as well as better swipes and scrolls.

Lasting triumphs

The battery by itself lasts for a full day and a half; however, the great news is that the 360 now supports standard wireless charging. Bringing an end to additional wires and ugly micro-USB charging slots, the Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) charges your Moto 360 effortlessly and conveniently. Making matters easier is the fact that apart from the charging cradle that comes with the watch, the 360 can be charged with any standard Qi charging base. More power to you!

Sensing ambient light

The round Moto 360 has often been slammed for being a ‘flat tire’ display as the lowest portion of the screen houses the ambient light sensor and isn’t a part of the display. But thanks to this unique feature, the watch display is always at the right level of brightness as you lift your hand to glance down at it. During the day, it is clear at first look even under bright sunlight and in the night you don’t end up being the one with the bright torch on your arm!

Taking customization to the next level

Another unique feature of the 360 is the in-built ability for the user to customize the watch face. By downloading the Connect App on your Android phone, you can view various watch face options and change the background color, the number styles, etc. all according to your personal preference!

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