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BPL Vivid – Next gen Made in India TV series


BPL has always been known as one of India’s innovative home-grown consumer electronics brands. Here are 5 things to know about the new BPL Vivid LED TV series, selling on Flipkart

BPL Vivid – Next gen Made in India TV series

BPL, a brand that’s been around since 1963, has certainly earned the trust of Indian consumers—introducing new and modern consumer durables for the past 50 years and more. Those who are familiar with BPL might recall the massive television boxes of the 1980s that got families huddling together for shows on Doordarshan, while also got the nation together during those legendary cricket matches.

At every stage the BPL brand stood the test of time with products that went head-on against global competitors. Now they are launching the latest from their stable—the BPL Vivid television series. Here are 5 things that make these BPL televisions stand out:


The next in viewing experience



BPL’s Vivid TVs come equipped with the esteemed A+ Grade Panel—a rating that only 15% of TVs can boast of globally. The high quality HD ready panel with backlight gives fantastic picture quality and the adjustable backlight feature allows comfortable viewing. The new age panel provides a fresh viewing experience by eliminating ambient lights and banishing reflection. What you get is bright and highly detailed images that makes TV viewing much richer.

Crystal clear display



With a full HD 1920 X 1080 pixel display, clarity is never in question for the BPL Vivid series. The higher resolution brings lifelike viewing experience and the tilt angle of 178 degrees aligns perfectly with natural vision. Combine these specs with BPL’s unique 3-D digital comb filter, and you’ve got yourself crystal clear images with a vast range of color and high contrast. The TV is also ideal for gamers and is enabled with 4 pre-loaded games, that can be played by using the remote control.

Loaded with tech



Televisions in the BPL Vivid series have DNR filtration technology for visible and audible noise. How does this help? Noise reduction brings stability and quality to the output which enables better end user experience. Even the minutest interruptions in viewing and audio experience are eliminated, so that you keep coming back for more. The MHL technology is something new that allows the TV to communicate with an MHL compatible device. Now you can connect a smartphone, laptop, iPad or tablet via a single cable to play high-definition videos and audios. The Vivid series TVs also offer a Bluetooth feature that allows for wireless audio streaming from smartphone to TV.

Get all plugged in



With 2 HDMI connectivity ports and a USB multimedia port, Vivid TVs allow you the most up-to-date entertainment experience that goes far beyond surfing the channels. Connect a gaming console, attach a set top box and a Blu-ray disc all at once, and helm your entertainment, your way. What’s more, you can also plug your hard drive or USB stick to view photos and videos and play music, movies and all those downloads you’ve stored on the TV’s full functional multimedia USB port.

Immerse in BPL Vivid’s audio experience



BPL Vivid TVs have a built-in amplifier that amps up the sound when you connect your multimedia or audio speakers. They also offer a headphone port to watch your favorite shows at the time of your choosing without disturbing the rest of the household.

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