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The handyman’s guide to the Bosch Tool Kit

With a range of multipurpose tools at your disposal, doing up your home was never this much fun! Check out this interactive graphic and see how the Bosch Tool Kit is an absolute must-have for repairs and general maintenance around the house.

The handyman’s guide to the Bosch Tool Kit

How often do you deal with the antics of your absconding plumber or put up with the exorbitant charges of the carpenter? It’s time to take control of the situation and start doing things yourself! DIY or Do-it-yourself  is a popular trend and method where people build, fix and repair things, without depending on professionals or experts. Believed to have originated during the 6th century BC Greek, the methodical approach enables people to self-learn and engineer instruction-based constructions. Today, every household can easily pursue the DIY method with the help some easily available tools. For those who are serious about mastering the DIY technique, take a peek at the Bosch Tool Kit — a must-have for the modern-day handyman.

Bosch, one of the world’s best multinational engineering and electronics company, has put together this handy kit to help you fix almost anything at home. From hammering a nail on the wall, to fitting a wooden shoe box, the range of tools available in the Bosch Kit will help you speed up your DIY journey in no time. Here’s all about it.

To start off, watch this Bosch Tool Kit unboxing video by Mahesh Ghare. This will give you a sense of what’s available in the box and how they can be of use.


10 essential tools you’ll find in the Bosch Tool Kit

Thinking whether it is worth investing in the Bosch Kit? Wondering what the tool kit can help you with? We have put together a list of the top 10 tools that the kit has for you. From drill and spanner to screws and screwdrivers, browse through this interactive infographic to get a sense of what’s in the box.


Bosch tool kit


So what do you think? Is it worth trying out the DIY way to home fixes? You can start your journey by checking out the Bosch Kit right here on Flipkart.

Infographic by Arjun Paul | Flipkart Stories

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