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12 book box sets you can snag at 50% off during The Big Billion Days sale

12 book box sets you can snag at 50% off during The Big Billion Days sale

Don’t you wish you could just turn page after page and devour an entire series over a long weekend? Box sets take care of your urgent need to know what happens next. During The Big Billion Days Sale, from September 20 to 24, get over 100 box sets at a 50% discount on Flipkart. Now is a perfect time to add these coveted collections to your cart!


There’s just something about box sets. Whether you read it over a long weekend or spread the books out over weeks, carefully devouring every single word, owning a box set is just magical. And in this age of e-books, if well-loved, dog-eared books occupy a place of pride on your bookshelf, this is the best time for you to act! With over a hundred box sets available at a 50% discount during The Big Billion Days sale from Flipkart, it’s just the perfect excuse to go book shopping.

Here’s a look at our top picks of box sets you can snag during The Big Billion Days Sale!

The Tintin Collection: For a trip down memory lane

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In the world of comics, there’s no denying that the adventures of Tintin and Snowy still stay with you. What better way to relive your love for the comic books than with this beautiful box set? Twenty-three books spread across eight volumes make this a true collector’s item or a gift for the comic geek in your life!

The Secret Seven: For the young reader

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If you’re looking to get a young one into the habit of reading, there’s no better series than The Secret Seven to get it right. Enid Blyton is a legend when it comes to children’s fiction and your little ones are sure to be enraptured by The Secret Seven, just like you once were! This box set is a collection of all 15 Secret Seven adventures.

The Complete Nicholas Sparks Collection: For the diehard romantic

Stories of love, loss and strength are truly moving and Nicholas Sparks is an author who has the formula down pat. This box set consists of 17 romantic fiction titles perfect for those who cherish tales of love, with a healthy side of drama.

Daniel Goleman Box Set: For those intrigued by the matters of the mind

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A box set that will help you understand the complexities of the human mind and behavior. Authored by psychologist and former science journalist for the New York Times, it covers how emotional intelligence plays a far more important part than IQ and how the ability to focus distinguishes high-achievers from everyone else. If matters of the mind intrigue you, there truly isn’t a better box set than this!

Game Changers In Their Own Words: For massive inspiration

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If you’re looking for words of wisdom from individuals who’ve made a mark, this box set is hard to beat. With a book each by Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, this trio of autobiographies is a must-have for your daily dose of inspiration.

The Mitch Albom Collection: For those seeking enlightenment

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Mitch Albom is a journalist, screenwriter, and playwright, and is best known as a top-selling author. This box set is a collection of five of his books that are perfect for someone in the mood for quiet reflection.  

Best of Khushwant Singh: For the Indian writing aficionado

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One of the best writers India has produced, Khushwant Singh has scores of books to his credit. This particular box set encapsulates three of Singh’s most memorable books: Train to Pakistan, Not a Nice Man to Know and Delhi. If it’s been a while since you lost yourself in one of Khushwant Singh’s books, this series offers the perfect escape.

The Jo Nesbo Collection: For the thrill-seeker

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A musician, a financial analyst, a military man—Jo Nesbo wears many hats, but none as successfully as that of a crime fiction writer. With his novels published in over 48 languages, Nesbo is regarded amongst the best crime writers in the world. If you’re looking to experiment with a new style of crime writing, this box set of five books is just what the doctor ordered.

Paddington’s Big Suitcase: For the early birds

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It’s never too early to start reading to your children, and this box of attractive picture books is sure to be a hit with your toddler. Paddington Bear is an adorable character that has been around since 1958, and this case of six picture books captures the best of this friendly bear—from his love for marmalade to his endearing spectacled appearance.

The Deluxe Collection by Paulo Coelho: For philosophical musings

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Paulo Coelho is one of the most-loved authors in the world. While his stories uncover the mysteries of life, they are also extremely engaging and fascinating. This box set features ten of his best works, including The Alchemist, The Zahir and Eleven Minutes. If you’ve always wanted to give Coelho’s books a shot, take advantage of this excellent deal.

The Complete Khaled Hosseini Box Set: For moving narratives

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If you’re someone who enjoys detailed, well-structured storytelling, it doesn’t get better than Khaled Hosseini’s writing. With three critically acclaimed books to his credit, Hosseini has mastered the art of tugging at heartstrings and presenting a narrative that makes you feel like you’re a part of his world. This box set features The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and And the Mountains Echoed.

Harry Potter Box Set: For those looking for magic

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Whether you’re an adult or a child, there’s no denying that the world of Harry Potter is absolutely captivating. J.K. Rowling created a universe unlike any other, filled with stories of friendship and good triumphing over evil with a generous dose of wizardry. If you’re looking to be absorbed into fast-paced storytelling, give this box set a chance—it will open the door to a new world every time you reach up to your bookshelf!

If your favorite series has not made it to this list, drop us a comment for we’d love to know what box sets rank high on your list! Apart from these 10 wonderful collections, you can also take your pick from crowd favorites such as The Game of Thrones series. For young adults, popular collections such as the works of John Green and The Divergent Series are up for grabs. It’s time to clear your schedule and cozy up with a book! Explore all the box sets available at huge discounts during The Big Billion Days Sale here.

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