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10 great board games for the perfect winter holidays

10 great board games for the perfect winter holidays

Make the most of the winter holidays and play any of these 10 timeless board games that entertain kids and adults alike.


It’s the perfect time to indulge in some quality family time by getting the smallest and youngest members of your family as excited as the oldest! One of the easiest ways to do this is by playing an entertaining board game. Whether you are vacationing out of town or staying home and opening the door to welcome friends and relatives, get everyone involved and engrossed with any of these amazing board games.

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Make money, buy property, set up hotels and sometimes even end up behind bars—well that’s the game of Monopoly. A classic board game where you can be totally cutthroat by charging your family and friends through the roof.  Each turn of the die is sure to bring a new twist to the game while also bringing your family together.



This game is a great way to teach words to the youngsters. You can also show off your vocabulary and learn strategy using clever moves that will block your opponents from scoring high. Get ready to make your own list of two-letter lifesaver words and prepare to squabble over meanings and points in this excitingly cerebral word game.


The Game of Life

Ups to downs, rags to riches, college to marriage, simulate life in this old American parlor game and see the kids enjoy it as much as the adults! Give the wheel a spirited turn and let the path lead you on a journey that is true to its name.


Snakes and Ladders and Ludo

Give the grey matter some well-deserved rest with this set of two well-loved family games that have survived generations. Let the roll of the die determine your fate, and watch out for the cheaters!



If your family loves debate and members have the gift of the gab, give your silver tongues free reign in this game that requires you to think outside the box. The object of the game is to explain the clue by using words and sentences that do not contain the taboo words. Any slip of the tongue necessitates the use of the buzzer, so watch out and listen closely!


Chinese Checkers

Indulge in a battle of wits with this much-loved strategy game that tests your logical reasoning like no other. With no-frills rules that are easy for the youngest player to pick up, this game is all about jumping your pieces across your opponents’ to establish your base in the opposite corner of the hexagon-shaped board. A delight for both the careful planner and the rash decision-maker!



Whether you’re a family that prides itself on its artistic ability or are simply clever in your picture and word associations, Pictionary is sure to challenge and entertain in equal measure. Pick a card, draw and have your team guess the word in this game where hilarity ensues as quickly as the competitive spirit!


Scotland Yard

Hot on the heels of Mr X, solve the mystery and catch the fugitive by collaborating with your family. Channel Sherlock Holmes by figuring out the London landscape using the taxis, busses and the underground railway until you have the rogue in your clutches!


Trivial Pursuit Party

With 1200 questions across 6 categories, this fast-paced version of Trivial Pursuits tests your general knowledge in a fun and exciting package. If your family has hobbyists with a passion for movies or athletes with a penchant for sports, everyone will have something to ace!



Based on the concept of the ancient Indian game of Pachisi, this game is the perfect way to spend an evening indoors glued to your seat. Figure out the fastest way to travel around the board with your pieces, while cutting off the progress of your rivals without batting an eyelid! Meant for ages 6 and upward, this game can get quite heated, so watch out!

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