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#FlipkartTBBDHistoryQuiz – How well do you know India’s favorite sale?


Everyone’s favorite online sale is back and so is all the fun! We put together a quiz to take you down memory lane. This Big Billion Days sale, add the super fun #FlipkartTBBDHistoryQuiz to your to-do list!

#FlipkartTBBDHistoryQuiz – How well do you know India’s favorite sale?

It’s time for a Big Billion Days quiz!

The Big Billion Days sale remains one of the most-awaited online events in India and it’s given Indian customers some of their fondest shopping memories. That’s why this year, to spice things up, we’ve put together a Big Billion Days quiz  to relive some of the early years. Regular customers are sure to know some of these, and the rest of you, take your best guess!

Follow the Big Billion Days quiz on Twitter using the hashtag #FlipkartTBBDHistoryQuiz!

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And don’t forget to stay tuned for #FlipkartTBBDHistoryQuiz – Part 2, coming soon!

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