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The Human Touch Behind Big Billion Days Awesomeness

Sleepless nights, endless work, infectious energy — or love and care? Take a look behind the scenes at the people who make The Big Billion Days worth celebrating

The Human Touch Behind Big Billion Days Awesomeness

The Big Billion Days mean different things to different people. For customers, it could mean the exciting wait to buy an expensive smartphone, the perfect time to buy festive gifts for loved ones, the sweetest deals and unbelievable offers.

But what do The Big Billion Days mean to people who work behind the scenes to make this an annual phenomenon? Deals and shopping, yes. But also so much more.

For some it means the whole of India coming together, for others it’s sleepless nights and days that are all worth it in the end.

And for many of Flipkart’s support staff who keep the employees going through these days?

Three-hour train rides just to get to work.

Juggling three different jobs to make ends meet, and still have enough love and care for Flipkart’s employees.

A few steps closer to becoming a musician.

Shopping for their loved ones because they’ve been away from home for far too long.

Realizing a childhood dream of being a cricketer.

It’s all of this and more.

While media and industry experts talk about The Big Billion Days in terms of numbers and statistics, to us at Flipkart it is also a time to look within and discover what makes our hearts beat. To acknowledge the daily amenities we take for granted — topped-up water bottles, mattresses and bed linen for daybreak snoozes, clean restrooms — the fuel that fires us up as we take down benchmarks and erect new ones. These things don’t just magically happen. People toil behind the scenes — like elves — to make them happen. And even as Flipsters in the driving seat steer India’s Biggest Sale to a fabled finish, they are the people that matter.

And we salute them!

Watch the video and tell us what you think — and what does Big Billion Days mean to you?

Video scripted and directed by Katheren A Raphael

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