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10 Signs You’re Basically In Love With Online Shopping


A guide to identifying other online shopping addicts with ease.

10 Signs You’re Basically In Love With Online Shopping

One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century is in fact online shopping. The hassle free, smarter way to get what you want has made our lives a lot easier. And oh, the choices! No longer are we limited to what the shopkeeper stocks. And it doesn’t take hours struggling between shops. You find, you add to cart, you get — wherever you are!
For those of you who nodded in agreement to what we said so far, here are some signs that’ll definitely make you exclaim “OMG! That’s me!”

The shopping cart at the supermarket makes you nostalgic.

Source:  http://nocorrascontijeras.tumblr.com/post/38971455419/by-alex

“Let me just check that new collection reaaalll quick”

When you get a notification on your phone, you anticipate it’s Flipkart launching the new collection of your favourite brand.


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Your favourite text message now reads, “Your order has been confirmed”.


Credits: T-Series

And your happiness knows no bounds when you receive a “Your order has been dispatched.”


Credits: Telepictures Productions

“You’ll find so many more options to choose from online” has been successfully added to the list of sentences you frequently utter.


Credits: Paramount Pictures

People actually shopping at shopping malls baffles you.


Credits: Ryan Murphy Productions

“Why don’t they just… I don’t know, Flipkart it?”

You have positively considered adding “online shopping” to the “Hobbies” section on your profiles.

Online Shopping

Source: http://giphy.com/

Every time your office gets a parcel from Flipkart, people automatically assume it’s yours.


Source: http://fygifs.tumblr.com/post/18470857208/nina-dobrev-part-one

And 9 out of 10 times, it is yours.

You have a mountain of empty cardboard boxes that you don’t know what to do with.


Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/no-kristen-stewart-KeocNKVNuWmD6

Your favourite app that starts with an ‘F’ isn’t Facebook anymore.

Flipkart App

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Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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