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Vivek Tejuja is Flipkart's resident bibliophile. He breathes, eats and talks books and also works with books at Flipkart
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The Jeffrey Archer Interview: Heads You Win is a return to form

Having authored over 25 novels, which have been translated into over 37 languages and published in over 97 countries, Jeffrey Archer has nothing left to prove to the world. But the legendary author is not done yet, continuing his prolific output with Heads You Win, a Cold War era thriller about the power of fate. He spoke to Flipkart Stories about his latest novel, his favorite books, and the comparisons to Kane and Abel
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Pyjamas Are Forgiving: Bollywood’s Queen of Sass is back!

The bold and unforgiving Twinkle Khanna is back! With Pyjamas Are Forgiving, Twinkle plans to yet again, take us on a rollercoaster ride packed with one-of-a-kind humor, sharp wit and tons of food for thought. Here, we talk to her about her latest book, the journey of writing, and the adaptation of books to films in the Indian film industry.
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Meet Benyamin, trailblazing novelist and JCB Prize winner

Known for his intense, moving novels concerning the lives of immigrants, Benyamin has established himself as one of the most gifted Indian authors of our times. His novels combine themes of loneliness and alienation with the social and political issues of the time. His latest novel, Jasmine Days, won the inaugural JCB Prize for Literature 2018. Here, we talk to him about his latest success, the process of translation and the state of regional literature in India.
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Priyanka Chopra’s journey is remarkable: author Aseem Chhabra on the global superstar

Fearless, fact-checked and devoid of “masala”, Aseem Chhabra, a Bollywood buff and film writer based in the United States, subverts the age-old Bollywood gossip story with a continental touch. Known for “Shashi Kapoor: The Householder, The Star”, his biography of one of the pioneering patriarchs of Indian cinema, he has now turned his observant eye on one of Bollywood’s brightest stars: Priyanka Chopra.
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Talking funny: Sorabh Pant on flying accountants, writing & his favorite books

While establishing himself as one of India’s best comedians, Sorabh Pant has quietly made a second career for himself as a novelist. With a knack for edge-of-the-seat thrillers sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor, Pant has proved himself to be a capable, entertaining writer. In this interview, he speaks to us about his strict writing process, juggling literature with stand-up and his favorite authors.
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Interview: Shiv Khera on his new book, humble beginnings & staying motivated

Shiv Khera once said in an interview, “Where you put your mind and heart, that’s where you go.” His heart and mind have definitely taken him places. An author, educator, business consultant, activist and entrepreneur, he is a man of many passions. Vivek Tejuja talks to Shiv Khera in an interview that is candid, inspiring, and straightforward — much like the man himself.
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The ‘Instapoet’ who defies critics: Rupi Kaur on poetry and fame

She’s 25 years old and she’s famous. You may love her or hate her, but ignoring her may be difficult as she’s not only a #1 New York Times bestseller, but also a modern poet who has made headlines the world over. Vivek Tejuja talks to Rupi Kaur, in an interview that’s open, raw and honest.
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These 8 Indian women authors have a bold message for you

Eight Indian women authors open up on about empowering women readers through their books
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The Shashi Tharoor Interview: ‘It is high time Hindus stood up and reclaimed their faith’

Speaking to Flipkart Stories about his new book, Why I Am A Hindu, Shashi Tharoor raises thought-provoking questions on what it is to be Hindu in an India where religious identity is a calling card for power politics
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Interview: In Sita, Amish reveals a tough and tender heroine

Amish Tripathi’s books have awakened our nation’s passion for mythology and epic, giving us humanized versions of revered characters and infused with details from our history and culture. In his newest book, Sita – Warrior of Mithila, the second of the Ram Chandra series, Amish brings us face to face with the feminine icon — and perhaps reveals our own prejudices. Read on see what this blockbuster author says about modern myth and female protagonists.