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Sumanta Dey is part of Flipkart's corporate communications team, specializing in business and corporate writing. In his prior role, he was a financial journalist at Reuters for a little less than a decade.
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Flipkart Wants Data Scientists and Engineers to Build AI For India: Sachin Bansal

Artificial Intelligence is no longer the future. It is here. To build AI For India, to make Indians realize and reap the benefits of AI, data scientists and engineers must passionately embrace the mission of solving unique problems for India. And Flipkart, says co-founder Sachin Bansal, is the best place to make a trailblazing career doing just that
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Is Flipkart a good place to work? No way! It’s a great place to work, says LinkedIn

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, observed Peter Drucker. For the second year in a row, as Flipkart takes the top position on the LinkedIn list of the top companies to work for in India, here's a look at Flipkart's DNA and what makes it tick