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Flipkart’s diversity drive makes every day Women’s Day

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Camaraderie, equity and action — that’s what every day is about at Flipkart. And, on Women’s Day, we went all out to celebrate and look forward to work that has yet to be done.

Flipsters at work, but #PenguinDads first

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At work, they’re busy innovating for a billion Indian online shoppers. At home? They wake up as early as 5.30 am so they don’t miss a second with their kids, they rush home on time to help with homework, and to feed, bathe and get their little ones ready for bed. To them, the most precious moments are the ones spent with their sons and daughters. Here’s what drives the #PenguinDads of Flipkart.

Women @ Work: What do women really want… in the workplace?

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This Women’s Day, as we celebrate the innumerable contributions of women, we decided to ask an age-old question and flip it on its head: What do women want… in the workplace?

How Flipkart’s Women in Analytics are raising the bar with data

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Fast-paced, impactful and literally the backbone — that's what Analytics is all about at Flipkart. And among the many Analysts here are women trailblazers steering the biggest business decisions taken by the company every single day. We asked them about the ground realities and what it takes for a woman to succeed in a profession that's defining the future. Here's what they said.   

Intelligent Fashion – How data weaves Flipkart’s private label brands

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Just five years from inception, Flipkart fashion ventured into private labels that have, in a short time, gone on to become bestsellers on the platform. What makes these brands tick? An enviable stash of data that decodes just what today’s Indian shopper seeks and a capable in-house team at its stylish Bangalore headquarters that has one single goal — to marry this data with creative expertise.