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Roshan Pai is a writer for Flipkart’s Corporate Communication team, and is also one of the hosts of Flipkart’s official podcast - Studio 34. When he’s not writing or programming podcasts, he likes to indulge in some casual PC gaming, or experience music on one of his many pairs of headphones.
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Geek out at Flipkart’s slash n 2019 — 10 tech talks to look out for!

Talks, networking, games and fun — there's no shortage of inspiration for the quintessential tech enthusiast at the annual slash n events. To pique your interest further, here’s a quick glance at what Flipkart’s flagship tech conference has to offer this year. Take a look.
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Changing the face of digital India – meet the minds behind Flipkart’s best tech!

slash n 2019 is just around the corner, and Flipkart’s best tech minds are getting ready for its next flagship tech conference. We take a look at some of the people behind some of the best talks at last year’s slash n, and the amazing work they brought to the fore.
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slash n 2018 Retrospective – AI for India, Tech for Everyone

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science — these are just a few of the buzzwords that have dominated tech conversations in recent times. What happens when a company that generates data in excess of 15 terabytes every day shares its research and tools with the tech community? In 2013, Flipkart unveiled slash n, a flagship tech conference like no other. In the lead-up to the event in its fifth year in April, we look back at the highlights from slash n 2018
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Flipkart’s Chief Audit Executive Round Table 2018 — a meeting of minds

The Flipkart Group’s first-ever Chief Audit Executive Roundtable offered a platform for the best and brightest in the industry to discuss and share insights.
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Made For India – The story behind Flipkart’s top-rated Android app

What does it take to make a top-rated Android app? The Flipkart online shopping app, rated 4.5 on the Google Play Store, is one of a handful of apps tailored for the Indian Android user that has earned accolades from Google for exceptional performance on a number of criteria. It wasn't always a smooth ride, though. Flipkart's product development team had to surmount several challenges to build an app that delivered on multiple parameters. Hear the story straight from the Flipkart team behind India's leading online shopping app
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Diversity in Security – Meet the women who keep Flipkart safe

Across India, most organizations are just starting to acknowledge the need for better workplace diversity. At Flipkart, the wheels of change have been turning for a while now and earnest attempts are underway to lead this change. And Flipkart Security is one such team where the transformation is starting to show — today, 33% of the team comprises women. Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at the women working around the clock to keep Flipkart safe.
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Yes WE can: How a diversity charter is making Flipkart truly inclusive

With the number of women at the workplace slowly rising after a steady decline over 20 years, a push in the right direction is what workplace diversity really needs. At the recently concluded WE Rock - Flipkart's Diversity event, the women at Flipkart came together to further the cause. Read on to know more.