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Roshan Pai is a writer for Flipkart’s Corporate Communication team, and is also one of the hosts of Flipkart’s official podcast - Studio 34. When he’s not writing or programming podcasts, he likes to indulge in some casual PC gaming, or experience music on one of his many pairs of headphones.
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Vision for India – how Flipkart Camera frames the future of immersive shopping

As more customers come online for a safe, convenient shopping experience, immersive experiences promise to elevate the customer journey from discovery to purchase. In this story, we break down how Flipkart Camera is making an AR-enabled, immersive shopping experience accessible to Flipkart’s 350 million customers.
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Pedal to the mettle: Amid lockdown, this Jeeves technician cycled 25 km to help a customer

Even a pandemic didn’t deter Jeeves technician Ayan Guhathakurta from going the extra mile to help a customer in need.
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Safety and opportunity: Hear it from Uber driver partners who are delivering Flipkart orders!

Go behind the scenes of Flipkart’s partnership with Uber India to deliver essentials across cities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From a Bengaluru driver who makes sure to tell customers about the tie-up to another in Gurugram who ensures utmost safety while on the field and later, when going back home to his children — read the stories of the Uber driver partners who are powering the initiative on the ground.
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Seven lenses, one slice of life – behind the scenes of Flipkart Video’s Zindagi inShort

As users lean towards video consumption on handheld devices, Over The Top (OTT) video platforms have steadily evolved to optimize their offerings. We explore the making of Zindagi inShort, a new anthology of short films on the Flipkart Video platform from ace producer Guneet Monga and seven upcoming directors
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A stream come true – How Flipkart Video captured the nation’s imagination with Backbenchers

With a projected annual growth rate of 22%, video streaming is big business. Bringing Bollywood and back-to-school nostalgia together, Flipkart Video has captured the imagination of the nation with its new original show, Backbenchers. In this story, we explore what went into conceptualizing the hit series.
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Big Billion Dreams: Meet the star Flipkart sellers bringing joy to Indian shoppers

Every year during The Big Billion Days sale, scores of shoppers across India make the most of the festive season with great deals on everything they possibly want to shop for. In this story, we take a behind-the-scenes look at the sellers who work tirelessly to bring customers the ultimate shopping extravaganza. Read on to know their stories.
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A Suitable “Bhai” – How MunnaBoy and Short Circuit made SuperCoins super cool

Flipkart's recent ad campaign has received much love from customers across the country. In this story, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this campaign, and how Flipkart's adorable "Kidults" captured the collective imagination of the nation with their take on the dynamic duo from the Munnabhai film franchise! Read on to know what it took for this campaign to come to life.
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Dressing up India – The story behind Flipkart’s India Ka Fashion Capital campaign

What does it take to be the fashion destination of choice in a country of 273 million online shoppers? Flipkart Fashion offers Indian customers a style statement to aspire to, without breaking the bank. Read on as we track Flipkart’s journey to becoming “India Ka Fashion Capital”
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Flipkart’s women in blue – meet the Wishmasters bringing joy to Gurugram!

They’re driven. They’re enthusiastic. They love what they do. And customers love them. Meet the women Wishmasters at Flipkart’s Gurugram hub who are flying the flag of Flipkart’s endeavor to bring diversity and equal opportunity to the workforce.
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Filling carts, winning hearts: Meet Jagruthi Shetty, a beacon of empathy and compassion

What does it take to change a potentially bad shopping experience into a delightful one? Flipkart Customer Service executive Jagruthi Shetty believes empathy and compassion are key. It all began with an escalation email to Kalyan, and ended with another email to him, this time to commend Jagruthi’s dedication and her willingness to serve - read this story of empathy and gratitude!