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How Flipkart is redefining the post-delivery experience with Jeeves

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Jeeves is no new name to most of us. For decades the knowledgeable and profound butler from the adventurous tales of P G Wodehouse has hooked the imagination of readers by the funny bone. But for Flipkart, Jeeves is no laughing matter. It is perhaps one of the greatest customer innovations that India’s largest online marketplace had pioneered during its game-changing course over the last decade. To be more precise, Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt Ltd is Flipkart’s very own product repair and after-sales service capability, designed to deliver customer smiles beyond the point of delivery. How? We unveil the story.

How Flipkart’s employee benefits and policies bridge the work-life gap

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Progressive organizations usually have one thing in common — they create a flexible and inclusive workplace that reflects its culture and values. Not only are happy employees more productive, they are more likely to be committed to helping a business succeed and go the extra mile — something that Flipsters pride themselves on. We went behind the scenes and spoke to a few Flipsters about their experience with Flipkart’s employee benefits program. Here’s what we found.

An Ekart SOS innovation in memory of Wishmaster Nanjunda Swamy

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The unsettling murder of a field executive is today paving the way for innovations that are reinforcing the safety of Ekart Wishmasters in the line of duty. The Ekart field executive's app is now equipped with a red SOS button named Nanjunda, in memory of Wishmaster Nanjunda Swamy

For these Flipsters, this was a promotion to remember

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What has been the most enduring memory of a promotion in your career? Is it of a closed-room discussion on why you deserved the promotion? Is it of carrying a piece of paper that acknowledged your months of toil? Or did it last beyond that moment of glory and touch the lives of your loved ones? In September 2016, hundreds of Flipsters cherished their much-awaited moment of elation — a promotion that lasted beyond just them, and then. Read their story.

The Big Billion Days deliveries – How Ekart wishmasters kept the promise

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Minutes after India’s biggest sale kicked off on October 2, 2016, shoppers got the opportunity to access some of the biggest offers and deals they had seen this year. Wishlists were filled, orders placed, and the wait to fulfill those wishes got shorter as the seconds ticked away. Meanwhile, packages were already pouring into Flipkart’s warehouses and hubs across the country, and the Wishmasters (the moniker for Ekart delivery personnel) were all set for their Big Billion Days deliveries. Here’s a report from the ground.

Delivering joy – Celebrating the Mothers at Flipkart

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Some give into an endless smile and some fall into deep tears. There are no real words to express the emotion of becoming a mother. In June, 2015 Flipkart launched a refreshed maternity policy to support their women employees and new moms, take better care of themselves in their journey to motherhood. A year later, the Flipkart Stories team brings back some precious moments and memories shared by the Mothers at Flipkart.

Electronic Accessories – your checklist for every travel adventure

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Is your long-awaited summer trip just around the corner? Are you already on a frantic shopping spree for the trip? Then don’t forget to add these electronic accessories to your checklist.

Recouping from the 2015 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake – Honoring the human spirit

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In the face of great turmoil, time and again humans have found the spirit to survive the odds and rise up from the rubble. In a world full of chaos, these stories always inspire us and restore our faith in humanity. We journey back to this day in 2015 when parts of Nepal and Bihar were shaken by a massive earthquake and see how the heartwarming support of the nation, the unyielding determination of people, and a small contribution by Flipkart and its partners have helped rebuild hope for the survivors of the quake.

Exclusive Q&A: Chetan Bhagat on the Flipkart launch of LI5E

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Chetan Bhagat, best-selling author, has turned entrepreneur with the launch of LI5E, the world's first intelligent lifestyle wearable. He speaks to Flipkart Stories about his giant leap into the Internet of Things

Recap – what you missed of #TheBigBillionDays action!

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From October 13 to 17, India shopped like a nation obsessed at #TheBigBillionDays. Here's what you missed