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Arjun Paul is Lead Designer at Flipkart Stories. He also curates the FlipTales section, with human stories about people at Flipkart.
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With electric vehicles, Flipkart is making last-mile delivery sustainable in India

What began as a tiny pilot project in Mumbai in 2017 has become a major sustainability program for Flipkart, as it continues to add more eBikes and eVans to its delivery fleet, a trendsetting move that makes it the first e-commerce platform in India to adopt this initiative. In June 2019, Flipkart expanded its fleet of electric vehicles from Bengaluru to Delhi and Hyderabad, with the aim to replace nearly 40% of its existing last-mile fleet of delivery vans with EVs by March 2020.
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Inside India’s happiest warehouse — friendship, hope and the great Indian dream

Nestled amid lush fields on the outskirts of the historic city of Hyderabad is one of Flipkart’s largest and busiest warehouses. At this state-of-the-art facility, which caters to a large chunk of Indian online shoppers, every second is tested and planned to the minutest detail. Its strength, however, lies as much in its people as it does in the mechanisms. Take a peek into the lives of the people whose aim it is to make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled.
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#BcozGirlsJustWannaCode – Budding women coders show Flipkart how it’s done

30 days. 3 locations. 5 women's engineering colleges. #BcozGirlsJustWannaCode, a unique hackathon for women, brought 283 teams into the fray. Nine finalists traveled to Bengaluru to battle it out at the grand finale, to showcase their hacks to the brightest minds in Indian e-commerce. Read their inspiring story.
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At Hackday 9, Flipsters rack brains to solve problems in Indian e-commerce

Online shopping in India comes with its share of quirks, making it a unique market compared to many others in the world. There is great scope for improvement in the Indian online shopping experience, but to overcome the hurdles, we need India-specific solutions. At Flipkart’s ‘Hackday,’ every idea is welcome and has the potential to make online shopping in India better.
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447-C, 12th Main, Koramangala — The house where Flipkart was born

Even as One Flipkart hogs the limelight, history still pervades Flipkart’s humble origins. At 447-C, the house where Flipkart started its journey 11 years ago, Flipsters still convene to conjure up a bit of the old magic
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At One Flipkart, a tribal art mural sets the office mood, and tells a proud Indian story

Celebrated Gond and Bhil artists brought together by A Hundred Hands painted an 80-foot tribal art wall mural at Flipkart’s new corporate office, fusing tradition and modernity in a pictorial depiction of a vibrant Indian marketplace. The panoramic wall mural is a surefire conversation starter. And just as well, because marketplaces begin as conversations.
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Photos: Inside a Flipkart warehouse, a billion wishes are being fulfilled

During The Big Billion Days sale, one of Flipkart’s biggest warehouses transforms in sheer scale and activity to meet the deluge of orders. We bring you never-before-seen photos from the heart of the supply chain - the Flipkart warehouse.
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S M Fathaulla – the landlord who gave Flipkart its first office

In 2007, by the grace of its genial landlord S M Fathaulla, Flipkart moved into a two-bedroom apartment-turned-office space in Bengaluru’s Koramangala neighborhood. Relive the story of #447-C - Flipkart’s first office.
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How Mohammed Imran’s Flipkart Chai fuels Flipsters’ dreams

Supplying 12,000 cups of tea every day to Flipkart offices, Mohammed Imran is the vital refuel agent for Flipsters. His association with Flipkart is almost as old as the company itself, and to say that he is the cup of joy in the lives of thousands of Flipsters is an understatement. Imran has spent the better part of a decade crafting his extraordinary success story. Read this heartening account of how determination, resourcefulness and earnestness can triumph any adversity.
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Differently abled Wishmasters of eKart deliver a special message

By integrating people with disabilities into its workforce with its novel Ekartians with Different Abilities (eDAB) program, eKart has not just created an empowering workplace culture. It has sent an emphatic message to the world. Meet the differently abled Wishmasters at eKart.