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Differently abled Wishmasters of eKart deliver a special message

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By integrating people with disabilities into its workforce with its novel Ekartians with Different Abilities (eDAB) program, eKart has not just created an empowering workplace culture. It has sent an emphatic message to the world. Meet the differently abled Wishmasters at eKart.

How Flipkart Customer Support fulfills the ‘customer-first’ promise

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Flipkart Customer Support handles a deluge of customer queries each day, each unique with a different grievance and a different query. What sets it apart from the other customer support services? Flipkart Stories spoke to some of the customer support members to understand what it takes to soothe ruffled nerves and make customers smile again.

How Divastri, Flipkart’s first Private Label fashion brand, is weaving the future of ethnic wear

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In 2012, Flipkart started a brand new journey on the ramp by adding fashion as a fresh category in its already expanding product portfolio. Five years after the launch, fashion on the online platform took a new turn. Flipkart launched its first-ever private label fashion range — Divastri. What makes this brand stand out in a world loaded with fashion and lifestyle products? Flipkart Stories took a peep inside the closet and here’s what we discovered.

9 days of Flipkart Fashion sale to drive your fashion blues away!

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From June 10 - 18, 2017, Flipkart Fashion days will take you on an exciting shopping spree! Block your dates.