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This story was written and edited by the Flipkart Stories Editorial Team. To reach out to us with comments or requests, or to alert us to issues, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter, or use the contact form.
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The Indian dream: How Flipkart Samarth is helping artisans, weavers and small businesses fly high in the era of e-commerce

Launched in July 2019 with the ambitious goal of uplifting and embracing India’s artisans, weavers and micro-enterprises into the e-commerce fold, Flipkart Samarth has brought thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs access to a pan-India market. Today, the program supports and benefits over 700,000 livelihoods across the country. Take a deeper look at what the program is all about through the inspiring stories of our partners.
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‘Flipkart Ventures is the crystallization of our corporate development journey’

With its investment in G.O.A.T Brand Labs, Flipkart Ventures is backing next-generation innovations, and building and strengthening an ecosystem with world-class founders and ideas. Ravi Iyer, Senior Vice President and Head, Corporate Development, retraces Flipkart’s corporate development journey with a view of the road ahead
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Flipkart Group Companies Join hands with Canopy to Advance Sustainability Efforts and Conserve Forests

Flipkart, through its partnership with Canopy, empowers its supply chain to advance global forest conservation. By adopting sustainable forest-derived materials strategies, Flipkart is taking an active role toward saving the planet’s ancient and endangered forests. Read on to know the details of this policy and how Flipkart is changing tomorrow, today.
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Repair, Refurbish, Reuse & Reduce: Solar power is just one of many green wins at this Jeeves-F1 factory

The shift to solar power at Jeeves-F1's repair and refurbishment factory in Noida was born in March 2021 from a visionary drive to maintain worker comfort while optimizing energy consumption. Today, approximately 40% of the company's energy needs are met by solar power.
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A ‘higher sense of purpose’ drove this volunteer team at Flipkart to make giving simple

When the second wave of the pandemic struck, a volunteer team of Flipsters quickly banded together to ensure that a simple check-out giving feature on the Flipkart app would not only enable customers to donate with ease when they shopped, but also open up a whole new avenue of micro-giving to help those in need across the country. Read how a sense of urgency, an inherent culture of giving and their own personal challenges drove the team to release the feature in record time.
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Flipkart’s Journey to 100% single-use plastic elimination — a timeline

Trace Flipkart’s journey to 100% plastic elimination, which has been marked by an orchestrated effort to create a positive environmental and social impact by introducing the most scalable sustainable alternatives.
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Enjoy a 100% digital shopping experience with Flipkart’s QR code-Pay-On-Delivery facility

Increasing digital adoption, reinforcing customer trust, and enhancing customer safety are the three pillars of Flipkart’s new QR code Pay-On-Delivery facility. With this, Flipkart looks to empower new-to-internet and Cash-on-Delivery shoppers, helping them embrace digital payments and reap the benefits. Read on to know more about this Flipkart innovation.
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It’s what makes us truly human: How duty & humanity drove Flipkart’s COVID-19 volunteers

When the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed devastation across the country, volunteers from the Flipkart family joined hands and formed the Flipkart COVID Warrior group to extend support in emergencies. About 150-strong, these motivated individuals worked tirelessly to offer help to COVID-affected individuals on all fronts — from oxygen supplies and hospital beds to plasma availability and medications. Read on to know what drove them to help over 200 Indian families, all while navigating challenges of their own.
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#SafeCommerce During COVID-19 – How the Flipkart group is managing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic

Even as concerns around Coronavirus and COVID-19 spread, the Flipkart Group underscores the importance of health and safety in communications to employees at our offices and across our pan-India supply chain, as well as our marketplace sellers and ecosystem partners. Follow this blog for the latest updates on our initiatives to manage the impact of the pandemic.
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Delivered: All cryogenic liquid containers and oxygen cylinders for COVID-19 relief

Cryogenic liquid containers and oxygen cylinders donated by Walmart have been delivered to towns and cities across India. While Walmart committed to donating 500 cylinders, we exceeded our commitment by donating more than 900 cylinders. Everything was sourced and donated to hospitals through NGOs like International Medical Corps, Doctors For You, and Americares for distribution