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Are air fryers actually good for you?


Air fryers reduce your calorie intake, making fried food healthier. It’s also a quicker method of cooking. Enjoy your favorite fries without the guilt

Are air fryers actually good for you?

We’ve always been asked to steer clear of fried foods—they’re known to cause acne, make us feel bloated, boost cholesterol and above everything, pile on the kilos, the most dreaded harmful effect of them all. Despite all of this, a samosa, a plate of chicken nuggets or a portion of piping hot French fries are hard to resist. If you’ve been depriving yourself for way too long, or worse still, succumbing to the temptation all too often, say hello to the air fryer.  This amazing piece of kitchen equipment ensures that you can eat all the fried food you’ve ever wanted too, without the guilt of stacking up calories.


What is it?

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook your food instead of a pool of fat, usually oil or ghee. The technology is engineered in a manner that makes your food taste and look like it has been fried. In all honesty, some food items do require about a tablespoon of oil while others need no oil at all. Also, most air fryers bake, roast and grill in addition to frying making them pretty practical.


Why should it be in your kitchen?

Cuts down on calories

The air fryer is an excellent tool to have in the kitchen as it eliminates the harmful effects associated with consuming copious amounts of fat. It not only reduces your calorie intake, thereby making fried food healthier, but it is also a quicker method of cooking your food. In fact, the Philips Air Fryer claims to cut down fat intake by an impressive 80%.

Cost and time effective

While it may seem like a steep option to invest in an air fryer to cook your evening snacks, in the long run an air fryer is a much more economical option as it cuts down your expenditure of purchasing oil by a huge margin. Where most healthy gourmet food options are priced at a premium, investing in an air fryer helps you cut costs on at least one front, making the challenge of cooking healthy much simpler. If you’re worried about spending twice the amount of time you’d spend frying food, pick a fryer with a large capacity. The Kenstar Oxy Fryer has a 2-litre capacity, which translates into 1.2kg of sliced potatoes, or in other words, an endless supply of French fries!

Make no compromise

If you’ve ever tried to bake potato chips instead of frying them, you’ll know that they are healthier, but not half as satisfying in terms of taste and texture. With the air fryer, you have to make zero compromises. This is where an air fryer has an upper hand, as it scores on both counts, delivering on taste and texture.

It saves your precious time!

Instead of slaving over a hot stove, frying batch after batch of whatever it is that you are craving, leave the hard work to the air fryer. They are extremely low involvement gadgets and once you place the food in, they do all the work themselves. Most air fryers come with the added facility of a timer, like the Prestige PAF 1.0 Air Fryer and the Kenstar Oxy Fryer, so you can set it and walk away to savour a mug of coffee and enjoy your food once the timer goes off.

It makes cleaning up child’s play

Even if you love to cook and eat, there’s no denying that cleaning up after a delicious meal is just the worst! With the air fryer, you don’t have to battle messy oil splatters or greasy counter tops and cleaning the unit itself is extremely easy.

Need we say more?

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