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Easy apartment hacks to make your home look bigger

In a time where every square foot of property comes at a premium, it’s only essential to master the art of optimizing your living area to make it appear spacious and roomier. Here are 10 DIY apartment hacks to start with.

Easy apartment hacks to make your home look bigger

Sick of feeling pigeonholed by all your existing furniture? Want to do away with that cramped feeling you’ve been experiencing? Well, it’s time for a makeover that makes your small home look more open and expansive. Here are 10 apartment hacks from our décor experts to help you do just that.


Apartment Hacks #1: Keep the flooring simple and light-hued

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Remember the golden rule of fashion–black has a slimming effect and white has the opposite. Applying the same rule to your home’s flooring holds true, so while dark tiles make your room look more cramped, lighter flooring helps open the space up. Understandably, you may not want to uproot the tiles, which is why covering the floor with a carpet in neutrals such as beige or cream is an excellent idea. For example, the Carpet Overseas Beige Cotton Area Rug instantly creates the illusion of a larger, more open space. Just like vertical stripes on apparel, a striped rug, such as the Maine Haiten Multicolor Wool Area Rug, will make your room appear longer too.


Apartment Hacks #2: Be on trend with a white décor

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White not only has the ability to reflect natural light best and illuminate nooks and crannies that will open up your space, but is also a raging trend in interiors. An all-white home décor visually enlarges a room, and that’s why we’re recommending picking white wallpaper, white blinds and even white beanbags. White simplifies a space and emphasizes the architecture, which is good if you have one too many pieces of furniture in reality! Paint the walls and ceiling the same shade of white to blur the boundaries between the wall and ceiling. This causes your eyes to travel up, essentially making the ceiling seem higher. Nifty, huh?


Apartment Hacks #3: Fold it out or fold it in

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If you live in a small apartment, you’ve noticed how much precious space your furniture is hogging. Fret not, for this problem has a simple solution. Invest in folding furniture that takes very little space when not in use. For example, a foldout bed, such as the HomeTown Rhodes Space Saver Engineered Wood Single Bed with Storage, in your children’s room serves as a great study table during the day. Folding chairs, such as the Urban Ladder Frodo Folding Solid Wood Dining Chair, ensure that when you’re done using them you can simply stow them away! Functional and so stylish.


Apartment Hacks #4: Mirror, mirror on the wall

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The oldest—and most reliable—trick in the book is to fit your house with mirrors, such as the Venetian Design VDS-27 Decorative Mirror. When placed on a wall near a window or some other source of light (such as a chandelier), a large mirror creates the illusion of space by amplifying the light. Not only does it draw the eye up, its reflections add depth to the room, making the space seem larger than it actually is. 


Apartment Hacks #5: Go the wall-mounted way

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To make your room seem larger, opt for built-in cabinets that appear to be suspended in air. Wall-mounted consoles, such as the Urban Ladder Sawyer Wall Mounted Solid Wood TV Console, help avoid clutter with its floating effect. It ensures that no space is wasted, and guess what, cleaning underneath is a breeze!


Apartment Hacks #6: Consider furniture that works double time

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To increase the function of every space in your home, opt for dual-use furniture that creates more room. A stool with storage, such as the Uberlyfe Leatherette Cube Ottoman, is perfect for storing an assortment of books and magazines or your child’s toys, and doubles up as a footrest, coffee table or as extra seating too. Consider placing a flip-top upholstered bench with storage space, such as the Urban Ladder Carson Upholstered Fabric 2 Seater, in your entryway. You can use it as a perch for putting on shoes as well as a convenient spot to stow the things you tend to forget on your way out the door, like an umbrella. An L-shaped sofa, such as the HomeTown Jordan Fabric 5 Seater Sectional, not only provides extra seating, but also separates your living and dining spaces.


Apartment Hacks #7: Opt for low furniture

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Keep your furniture low to the ground in order to create more space above, which in turn makes the ceiling seem higher. This means you should avoid tall chairs and tables in your compact dining room, and definitely steer away from the high headboard in your bedroom. Does your living room have a smaller ceiling? Opt for a sofa, such as the Durian Omega Leather 2 Seater Sofa, which stays close to the ground in order to make your living room look and feel much bigger.


Apartment Hacks #8: Try open shelving

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Exaggerate your sense of space in your home by keeping things off the floor and freeing up walking space. A great way to do that is to mount shelves—such as the Home Sparkle Steel Wall Shelf—which are good space savers. You can use them to not only store books and clothes, but also to show off your collectibles. However, make sure that the colors of the shelves coordinate with the color of your walls and furniture. If possible, organize and color code the items you are going to place on the shelf.


Apartment Hacks #9: Flood your space with light

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Your home can seem boundless when there is a clear view of the world outside. A great way to make your space feel bigger is to flood it with light. Do away with heavy drapes to take advantage of natural light during the daytime. Instead, opt for blinds, such as the Styletex Vertical Blind Cord Drawn, which you can adjust easily for light control and privacy as and when you need. Make sure that your furniture is not blocking the windows, either! Instead of having a lone overhead lighting fixture that pools all the light in one spot, try to have a variety of lighting elements in every room. Small lamps, such as the Peanut Shell Stella Base Table Lamp, on your bedside table will draw the eyes around your bedroom, giving the illusion of more space. You can also introduce a standing light in the least-used corner for greater impact.


Apartment Hacks #10: Use a single bold piece of art

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Peppering your home with little trinkets can make it feel cluttered, and thus too full and cramped. When it comes to the finishing touches, such as wall art and home décor, opt for just a few larger pieces to enhance elbowroom. A luxurious piece of art, such as the JP Hardware Acrylic Painting, when hung above your bed can help create a focal point in your bedroom, giving it structure and depth.


Whether you have a special interest in interior design or are just looking for a roomy fix, these apartment hacks are easy to follow and implement. Start working on them today, and make your home as spacious as it can be. Browse Flipkart’s entire décor collection here.


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