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Breathe easy! Here’s how air purifiers keep you safe from air pollution

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named India among the world’s most polluted countries. It’s time to take charge of your health and invest in good air purifiers for your home. Take a deep breath and don’t regret it!

Breathe easy! Here’s how air purifiers keep you safe from air pollution

If the thought of equipping your home with air purifiers has never crossed your mind, you need to know this. Over 80 per cent of people living in the world’s cities breathe polluted air. This increases their risk of lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

India is one of the most polluted countries in the world, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report released after studying the levels of small and fine particulate matter (called PM10 and PM2.5 respectively) between 2008 and 2013. New Delhi has been listed as the eleventh most polluted of the 100 cities included in the ranking. Gwalior, Allahabad, Patna, Raipur, Ludhiana, Kanpur and Lucknow are also included in this list.

This video from CCTV America will show you all about air pollution in India today:

Air pollution leads to heart disease, lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases. At the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in February, scientists from the US, Canada, China and India found that air pollution killed 1.4 million people in India in 2013. Those air purifiers you had your eye on? Now’s a good time to invest in them.

Read our research on air pollution here before you buy.

These findings may perhaps have you thinking that the poor air quality is only associated with the outdoors. But that’s just not true. Research says that the air we breathe indoors can be as much as 10 times more polluted than the outside! This is where air purifiers come in — they help you breathe, sleep and live better.

How Air Purifiers Work - Infographic

The polluted air inside your home

Over the last few decades, the increasing use of coal and fossil fuels, emissions from cars and power plants, a lack of strong environmental regulations and a growing economy have contributed to a drastic rise in air pollution in India. But when you spend most of your time indoors, breathing healthy air where you live is critical. Has that chain-smoking neighbor and his second-hand smoke got you thinking about which other pollutants lurk indoors? Well, the list includes chemical gases emitted by furniture, pet hair and dander, household cleaning products, common allergens like dust and pollen… and much more. If you are staying in a poorly ventilated house, the risk doubles. And when most of us live in crowded apartments in cities across India, this ensues a hoard of problems.

Air purifiers fight air pollution

Reducing the level of contaminants in indoor air can help alleviate some of these problems and using air purifiers is a great way to do it. What these devices do is scrub indoor air of microscopic dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles. You get to breathe cleaner air, and also enjoy better health. Did you know that your life expectancy could increase by five years by breathing cleaner indoor air? To know more about air purifiers and how to choose the best one for your needs, read this Flipkart Stories article.

So how do air purifiers reduce the allergens and irritants circulating in the house to give you cleaner air? By passing the air through a filter that removes particles. However, different air purifier filters target different types of air pollutants. What they target depends on the type of filtration technology they employ. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of filters and how they can help you:

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for allergies 

As the dust count rises this summer, so does the frequency of your sneezing fits. Your watery eyes, flushed face and runny nose makes you feel as you’ve just been spun off a terrible carnival ride. Here’s where you can count an air purifier with a HEPA filter as a blessing.

Why: HEPA filters can remove the majority of harmful particles, including mold spores, dust, dust mites, pet dander and other irritating allergens from the air. They have the capacity to trap 99.97% of all airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size! Makes it a whole lot better for your allergies, doesn’t it?

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Activated Carbon filters for odor, smoke and gaseous pollutants 

Have you accidentally burned the tadka for your dal and now everybody in the house is sneezing amidst the smoke? Don’t want to switch off the air conditioning and open the window to let in the humidity in? No worries! Air purifiers with activated carbon filters, like these Kent and Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers, will absorb the odor and neutralize the smoke. When the carbon is treated with oxygen to open millions of pores, the activated carbon filters excel at absorbing odors, gases (from cooking, aerosols, sprays) and gaseous pollutants (indoor pesticides). They can neutralize smoke, fumes and even volatile organic compounds used in paints, varnishes and adhesives.

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Fight airborne bacteria with ultraviolet light 

Some air purifiers are equipped with ultraviolet light that destroys bacteria and other pathogens with the help of electromagnetic radiation. If you want to breathe air that’s free of bacteria, viruses and molds, then this is the technology to turn to. It will help your sick child breathe fresher air and have better quality sleep for a quicker recovery! Little surprise then, that air purifiers with UV filters are super popular in sterile places like hospitals and labs. UV light has a shortcoming though: they cannot eliminate dust, allergens, or solids in the air. Therefore, it’s better to opt for an air purifier like these Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers that combines UV light with other technologies to achieve advanced filtration and better air quality.

Eureka Forbes air purifiers

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Electrostatic Precipitators for purer air 

Air purifiers with electrostatic precipitators remove dust and cigarette smoke from the air with the help of electrostatic attraction. As the incoming air is drawn over an electronic cell, the electrostatic air filters electrically charge the particles. These charged particles then stick to a series of flat collector plates that are oppositely charged, and need to be manually removed.

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Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) for carbon-based pollutants 

Instead of simply trapping pollutants, photocatalytic air purifiers completely transform the harmful air pollutants and effectively destroy them. How? The technology uses ultraviolet light to shine onto a catalyst (typically titanium dioxide) and releases electrons at its surface. The electrons interact with water molecules in the air and break them up into hydroxyl radicals. These radicals then attack carbon-based pollutant molecules, and turn into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water.

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Pre-Filters for large particle pollution 

Have a golden retriever at home that sheds hair all over your house? Then air purifiers with pre-filters are a good bet for you! Pre-Filters come with almost all air purifiers out there, and are great for removing pet hair and large particles. And if you opt for pre-filters with activated carbon like this one, then your air purifier will also absorb odors and smoke. Buy Air Purifiers on Flipkart

So take a deep breath and make a decision that will refresh your life. Invest in clean air indoors. Browse the entire range  of air purifiers on Flipkart here.

Infographic by Sadhna Prasad | Flipkart Stories

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