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5 cool reasons to buy an air cooler this summer


The summer is here—and it’s almost impossible to battle the dry heat that takes a toll on your body, mind and soul. The only alternative is a good cooling system  that allows you to cool off and stay healthy. If you’re budget-conscious and environmentally friendly, all you need is an air cooler. 

5 cool reasons to buy an air cooler this summer

Air cooler or air-conditioner? That’s a question to ponder this summer. An air cooler can be your perfect companion because of its capability to promote ventilation and maintain a cool temperature at home. If an air-conditioner doesn’t suit your pocket and if you are looking for a budget-conscious solution, our answer is simple: go for an air cooler! Before we dive into the benefits of air coolers, let’s first understand how it works.

Air Cooler 101

Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. An air cooler will first pull natural (warm) air from outside using a fan and then pass it through wet cooling pads. A pump sprinkles water on top of the cooling pads and allows it to trickle down through them. As the water evaporates, the temperature of the air drops and the fan blows out a current of fresh, cool air.

Three varieties of air cooler are available: personal air coolers (for small or specific areas), room air coolers (for moderate-sized rooms) and desert air coolers (for large rooms). No matter which one you choose, first explore their benefits.

Pick one that’s cool and affordable

Bring home the best air cooler (in India) by investing 80%-85% less than on air-conditioners. Air coolers with water capacity between 20-30 liters will cost you anywhere between Rs. 5,500-6,500. The Bajaj Room air cooler comes with a 30 liter water tank and employs the chill-trap technology that uses high-tech pads to ensure the  airflow  is even. But that’s not it. Air coolers require low maintenance, which in turn can reduce your time spent on resolving product-related issues.

Air cooler

Air-coolers are energy-efficient

This cooling appliance consumes up to 10 times less energy and significantly lowers your monthly electricity bill. The Maharaja Personal air cooler delivers powerful cooling with energy consumption limited to 100 watts. Even in case of a voltage drop, air coolers continue to work just as much. And if you’re a victim to frequent power cuts — Symphony Diet air cooler that can operate by drawing power from an inverter will come to your rescue.

Air cooler

Move it around… anytime, anywhere

Unlike  air-conditioners, air coolers are portable. You can move them from room to room, or wherever you need them most. The Crompton Greaves Tower air cooler is fitted with castor wheels to help you transport them easily.

Air cooler

Stay cool this summer

Summer is the time for you to create cross-breeze and stay refreshed, and your air cooler can help you do just that! Generally, air coolers tend to draw fresh air from outside. When using one of the better air coolers in the market – like the Symphony Ninja i Personal – you can leave the door open for better air distribution. Ninja Personal also comes with a mosquito net for obvious reasons…

Air cooler

Air coolers are more eco-friendly

Evaporative air coolers offer significant environmental benefits with lower power consumption and no harmful emission of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Symphony’s range of air coolers follow the go-green principle and are highly recommended to users.

Air cooler

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