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2017 in pictures – A Flipkart Stories compilation

Scroll through the best photographs that captured the precious moments of 2017


17 top books of 2017 that you can buy on Flipkart

Love books? 2017 was a great year for readers. Here are 17 of the best reads of 2017 you’re sure to cherish.

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Unforgettable Stories of 2017 — A Flipkart Stories compilation

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the best stories 2017 had to offer. Travel through the once-forgotten small towns of India slowly making their presence felt in the country’s digital topography, take an an exclusive tour of one of the biggest Flipkart warehouses, and go back to the start of it all, with a man Flipkart calls ‘the Landlord’.


#FlipkartBIG10 Milestones – 2017 was the year of Flipkart!

Look back at 2017 through this curation of news clips and flip through the milestones. Listen to podcasts, browse images and social mentions, and flip back and forth to interact with this timeline.

2017 in pictures – A Flipkart Stories compilation

17 top books of 2017 that you can buy on Flipkart

Unforgettable Stories of 2017 — A Flipkart Stories compila ...

#FlipkartBIG10 Milestones – 2017 was the year of Flipk ...

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50 lucky customers never guessed who their Secret Santa was this Christmas

The good folks at Flipkart Fashion pulled a Secret Santa surprise on 50 unsuspecting customers and made their wishlists come true. Want to know how? Watch this video

Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee helped these shoppers afford their dream smartphones

Waiting for a chance to upgrade to a new smartphone? Take a tip from these smart shoppers, who not only achieved their goals with Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee but got great value for their old smartphones. Read their story.

#CustomerFirst – Prize-winning stories penned by Flipkart customers

Are Flipkart customers happy? No, they’re delighted! Our customers sent us fascinating stories of love and loyalty. We share with you the prize-winning #CustomerFirst anecdotes

Flipkart Customer Connect – old customers share new insights

In July 2017, the month of Flipkart Customer Connect, some of our most loyal and long-standing customers shared their most joyous shopping moments. Little did they know that Flipkart had a special surprise waiting for them. Here are some heartwarming stories

Mughal Sarai — what’s in a name for Flipkart customers here?

Even as Mughal Sarai wrestles with history over its impending renaming, Flipkart customers in this town famous for India’s busiest railway junction look forward to bigger changes

In Pokhran, online shopping is no mirage for Flipkart customers

Pokhran is famed as the birthplace of India’s nuclear program. This sleepy desert town in Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district is enclosed by the sands of the Thar, and its people — both locals and émigrés — paint a picture of resourcefulness, tenacity, and a true passion for online shopping. Another heartwarming customer story from our Digital India series


How Happy and Flipkart birthed the Flipkart Kids

It wasn’t a marriage of convenience but Flipkart Kids was by all means a love-child. Discover the story behind the famous No Kidding No Worries ad films and how the Flipkart-Happy partnership made Brand Flipkart a national sensation

From dreamers to achievers: Flipkart’s top women sellers make a mark

Modern India has no place for gender inequality. And playing a significant part in spreading this message are Flipkart’s top women sellers. Their partnership with Flipkart has not only been the wind beneath their wings, helping them soar to success, but has also brought a sea change in product offerings for Indian consumers. Here’s their inspiring story

#FlipkartPartners – Celebrating the Power of Partnerships

Catch up on all the action that you missed at the #FlipkartPartners Meet – More power to the Power of Partnership!

S M Fathaulla – the landlord who gave Flipkart its first office

In 2007, by the grace of its genial landlord S M Fathaulla, Flipkart moved into a two-bedroom apartment-turned-office space in Bengaluru’s Koramangala neighborhood. Relive the story of #447-C – Flipkart’s first office.

How Mohammed Imran’s Flipkart Chai fuels Flipsters’ dreams

Supplying 12,000 cups of tea every day to Flipkart offices, Mohammed Imran is the vital refuel agent for Flipsters. His association with Flipkart is almost as old as the company itself, and to say that he is the cup of joy in the lives of thousands of Flipsters is an understatement. Imran has spent the better part of a decade crafting his extraordinary success story. Read this heartening account of how determination, resourcefulness and earnestness can triumph any adversity.

When Xiaomi crashed Flipkart, a powerful partnership was born

Flipkart, India’s e-commerce leader, and Xiaomi — the top smartphone manufacturer in China — kicked off their partnership in 2014. Here’s the inside story of this extraordinary relationship that began with a bang, er… crash


Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale: Unbeatable deals on Xiaomi, Samsung, Google Pixel 2 & more

It’s time to pick a smarter pocket companion and start off 2018 with a stylish new smartphone. Whether you’re looking for a selfie camera par excellence or an epic battery that beats the clock, choose from the latest models during the Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale from January 3-5. Here’s a look at everything on offer — from the best budget buys to the top flagship smartphones, at unbeatable prices.

Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee helped these shoppers afford their dream smartphones

Waiting for a chance to upgrade to a new smartphone? Take a tip from these smart shoppers, who not only achieved their goals with Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee but got great value for their old smartphones. Read their story.

Billion Capture+ Customer Reviews – Read what certified buyers are saying

Made from reviews by Indians, for Indians, the Billion Capture+ is capturing hearts across the country. Don’t want to take our word for it? Read the first-hand experiences of everyday Indians in these honest and transparent customer reviews to get a real-life feel of what the Billion Capture+ is all about. Gear up for the next sale on November 20, 2017

Moto X4 #OnlyOnFlipkart: Experience perfection with the best offers!

Being the first popular smartphone brand to start selling exclusively online in India, Motorola has always paid special attention to the unique needs of Indian smartphone owners. With the Moto X4, Lenovo has once again managed to set new standards in providing a stellar smartphone experience.

The OPPO F3 Plus with 6GB RAM: An online exclusive #OnlyOnFlipkart

OPPO, the brand synonymous with ‘selfie beautification,’ has fast become a household name in India. For its latest offering, the F3 Plus 6GB, it has partnered exclusively with Flipkart to launch a smartphone with camera specs that far outshine competition.

Billion Capture+ — a dual camera phone with flagship features made for India

A smartphone user base of over 300 million is proof that modern India loves technology. The question is — is there anything better than easy access to the best smartphone technology? With its new smartphone, Flipkart provides a definitive answer. An outstanding dual camera, a fast-charging adaptor out of the box for a huge battery, the latest stock Android OS, unlimited cloud storage and the best-in-class processor all in one phone that’s easy on the wallet? Now that’s a killer idea that every Indian will be excited about. Presenting the Billion Capture+ – a phone that’s truly Made For India.


Fraud, scams and fake offers: How to avoid them and shop safe on Flipkart

Don’t fall prey to unauthorized websites, fake social media posts and fraudulent messages claiming to offer you unbelievable deals and discounts on Flipkart. Here’s a tip sheet for safe shopping.

Debit Card EMI from Flipkart — Here’s everything you need to know

Don’t be put off by the price tags of your favorite products. With Debit Card EMI from Flipkart, your debit card becomes your passport to affordable buying

All you need to know about Flipkart’s Buyback Guarantee

What if the cost of your favorite smartphone was slashed to a much more affordable rate? A Buyback Guarantee from Flipkart helps you upgrade to your next smartphone with ease, by offering a great price on your existing handset. It’s simple, transparent, and guaranteed to provide the best exchange value.

Beware of fake Flipkart jobs and fraud employment agents

Did you or someone you know receive an email or SMS text message promising a job at Flipkart in exchange for payment? Don’t be fooled by fake Flipkart job offers and fraudulent recruitment agents. Here’s what to do if you receive such messages

Flipkart Perfect Buy — finally, a one-stop experience for large appliance shopping

Flipkart’s newly launched Perfect Buy Store offers customers a novel online experience to discover, shortlist, purchase and enjoy their Large Appliance — from televisions and washing machines to refrigerators and more

Flipkart product returns process – How it works and what you need to keep in mind

This simple guide will help you understand how the Flipkart product returns process works, making your shopping and returns experience smooth and convenient


Gridlock Hackathon grand finale – the biggest winner was Bengaluru!

In June, 2017, Flipkart invited entries from smart innovators for the Gridlock Hackathon, a unique event that brought together sharp minds, cutting-edge research and technology solutions to Bengaluru’s traffic snarls. Were the hacks good enough to solve Bengaluru’s traffic woes? Here’s the update

Unboxed – How Mumbai’s Dabbawallas & Flipkart make customers smile

Will modern e-commerce wipe out Mumbai’s Dabbawallas? Diving deep into the two-year-old partnership between Flipkart and this esteemed Mumbai institution, we pondered this question and unearthed a different story — one of challenge, triumph and deep customer-focused innovation

How Flipkart innovated to build India’s exemplary e-commerce marketplace

The e-commerce marketplace in India is dominated by innovations that Flipkart has pioneered. This is the story of the key steps that India’s online shopping powerhouse has taken to build a vibrant ecosystem of sellers and customers

Decoding Flipkart Hackday – the untold stories behind Flipkart’s greatest innovations

‘Hack: The act of improvising on a problem, effectively and unconventionally, to derive a temporary or permanent solution.’ While most contemporary definitions of the word might redirect you to similar phrases, for Flipkart the connotation weighs something much more than a prescribed meaning. Something that is especially evident during the Flipkart Hackday events. In this story we hack into history to decode the DNA of this unique culture of innovation in India’s largest e-commerce marketplace, and dive into the pool of codes and ideas that paved the way for Flipkart.

#BIG10Innovation – Solve Bengaluru’s Traffic woes w/ Sridhar Pabbisetty & Utkarsh B

Ahead of the Gridlock Hackathon finale, Flipkart Stories hosts a special edition of the #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat on “Tech Solutions for Bengaluru’s Traffic Woes”. Mark the date – June 27, 2017 at 3 pm IST. Our panelists are Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, and Utkarsh B, Principal Architect, Flipkart. Tweet your questions on Bengaluru’s traffic governance issues to Sridhar (@psridharp) and your tech-related questions to Utkarsh (@eutkarsh) with the hashtag #BIG10Innovation. The 3 best questions from participants and the 3 best answers to the panelists’ questions win prizes from Flipkart.

Customer-inspired Innovation – #BIG10Innovation Tweetchat with Ram Papatla and Ranjith Boyanapalli

Submit your questions for the #BIG10Innovation tweetchat on Customer-inspired Innovation with Ram Papatla – Vice President, Product Management at Flipkart and Ranjith Boyanapalli – Vice President of Product at Flipkart, on Tuesday, June 20, 2017. The 3 best questions and the 3 best answers win Flipkart vouchers.


2017 in pictures – A Flipkart Stories compilation

Scroll through the best photographs that captured the precious moments of 2017

Flipkart Cares – Flipsters paint the joy back into a Bengaluru school

On a foggy November morning, volunteers from Flipkart headed to a government school in the Bengaluru suburbs. Their main aim? To spend a day with the students and help make the school campus, often vandalized and misused, conducive to learning. This effort, conducted in partnership with the NGO Nirmaan, is one of many initiatives of the Flipkart Cares CSR program.

Customer Care Heroes – How these Flipsters made customers smile

Customer First is not just a Flipkart value, it’s a tradition and a practice. Read about how these Customer Care Heroes put aside everything to rush to the aid of their customers.

Not all heroes wear capes — Saluting the workforce behind Flipkart

Men and women who are seldom in the spotlight, but work day and night — they are the supporting pillars that make workdays at Flipkart a hundred times smoother. Flipsters spent the afternoon of November 18 expressing their gratitude to the heroes behind the scenes — Flipkart’s support staff. As part of Flipkart’s Month Of Giving, they switched roles to serve Flipkart support staff a sumptuous special Oota (Kannadiga festive lunch)

Flipkart Cares — Rallying Flipsters towards social change

With donation drives, outreach programs, and employee-enabled on-ground initiatives, Flipkart and Flipsters have always given generously with their time, effort and money. As Flipkart turns 10, these initiatives have been brought under one umbrella. Read more

#FlipkartBIG10 Throwback – Revisit these path-breaking Flipkart ad campaigns

A look back at the most popular Flipkart advertisements that made waves and showcased the company’s innovations to the world, making sure that the message of online shopping reached every home.