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8 essentials to sleep like a baby this World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day. A day dedicated to catching up on all those hours of sleep you’ve sacrificed. Do you have everything you need to nap all day and sleep all night? If not, read this to know what you need and where you can find it.

8 essentials to sleep like a baby this World Sleep Day

Research shows that sleeping is a key part to a healthy lifestyle. But in this busy day and age, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. But for the people out there committed to getting their ‘beauty sleep’ whenever time permits, one of the most important days of the year, is just around the corner. World Sleep Day. The one day of the year when you can indulge in your favourite activity. Sleeping! Taking a nap has more pros than cons. Most importantly, it rejuvenates your body and mind. For all the ‘Garfields’ of the world, here are a few essentials you would require. Here’s how you can make the most of the day, and get that blissful nap leaving you refreshed but wanting more when you wake up.

Hit the sack

World Sleep Day

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about taking a much needed nap, is a warm and cosy bed to curl up in. Picking the perfect bed for yourself can take up days on end if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Perfect Homes by Flipkart Opus Engineered Wood Queen Bed With Storage has everything you’re looking for. From a sturdy build to storage, this ‘queen’ of beds has it all and a wenge finish to boot.The FurnitureKraft Lincoln Metal Queen Bed is the best bet for a good night’s sleep especially for those who don’t want to spend big bucks nor compromise on comfort. Crafted from metal, this bed is ideal for people who don’t  stay in one place for too long, as it can withstand multiple reassemblies, unlike it’s wooden counterpart.

Cool as a cucumber

World Sleep Day

Summer is fast approaching and heat levels have been on the rise for a while now. Keeping yourself cool and comfort is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. If ceiling fans aren’t doing the job, then opt for more powerful cooling options. Air conditioners give you the power of absolute control over room temperature. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC is a long term investment to keep you cool. Besides, isn’t it more fun being able to use a remote to control room temperature rather than walking towards the switch every time you have to switch on/off the fan? If you’re not looking to spend big bucks on an air conditioner, air coolers would be your best bet. The Symphony Touch 35 Tower Air Cooler has the power to cool an entire room efficiently. It may not be as powerful as an air conditioner but it has its perks – Affordability & Portability. Choosing one of the above could possibly be the best decision you make all summer.

Couch Comfort

World Sleep Day

Most of us couch potatoes tend to fall asleep on the couch binging on a TV show. But the problem we all face, is that couches aren’t comfortable enough to fall asleep on for long periods of time. So when we do wake up, we have to suffer the ordeal of walking to the bedroom with a groggy head. So what do we do? The answer is simple. Get yourself a sofa bed. Perfect Homes by Flipkart Monarch Sofa Bed offers comfort in your very own living room like nothing before! You also end up saving on space. All you have to do is fold it up when guests come over and ta-da! There’s your spacious living room. You should also check out FurnitureKraft Cairo Double Metal Futon, perfect for bachelors and bachelorettes looking to celebrate World Sleep Day to the fullest, inexpensively.

If you’re someone with a little cashola in your pocket, the Perfect Homes by Flipkart Wayne Single Seater Leatherette Recliner could be a suitable choice. The recliner would fit in perfectly in the study. The go-to chair to read, relax and finally, doze off.

Cozy up under a blanket

World Sleep Day

With a wide array of options, choosing the perfect blanket can be time consuming. But what do we really look for in a blanket or a comforter? Thickness is an important quality we look for but the requirement varies from one person to the next. Some of us like thick blankets to cocoon ourselves in whereas others prefer a thin blanket to just keep us warm…but not too warm! There’s no right or wrong here. It’s just a matter of choice. Linenwalas Printed King Comforter is the perfect option for those who love to wrap themselves up to ensure that they’re warm and snug day and night. Whereas the Signature Motifs Single Blanket Marron is simple, light & elegant. It’s everything a person needs to  stay warm through the night without breaking into sweat.

Let there be light

World Sleep Day


Nyctophobia, or the fear of darkness, comes from anticipating dangers hidden in darkness. But don’t worry. A night light solves all those problems. You can get very expensive night lights that turn on at the sound of hands clapping, or lights that are alert to your sleeping patterns so that the room is lit when you open your eyes. But, if you’re looking for something that wouldn’t break the bank to buy, HitPlay Led Night Lamp serves as the your most inexpensive ticket to owning a night light.  Design o vista Trendy Table Lamp is another product perfect for those who need a night light to not only serve its purpose but also up the trend factor of the room. Buy now and don’t let the monsters in the shadows ruin your beauty sleep, especially on World Sleep Day.

Embrace the darkness

World Sleep Day

What about those people who need the absolute absence of light to snooze peacefully? Night lamps for these nyctophiles are out of the question. But night blinders are perfect for the people who have that uncanny ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

Everything’s better in jammies

World Sleep Day

Any day when you can stay in pajamas the whole day is a good day and that’s the opportunity World Sleep Day offers. One is never wholly ‘at home’ until the jammies are on! Flipkart offers you a wide range of options in pajamas for men, women and kids. Pick the most suitable one for you and your loved ones as you prepare for this World Sleep Day.

Sleep easy with some music

World Sleep Day

Studies have shown that music has a deep influence on our mind and its state. Listening to fast-paced and loud music is known to pump up your adrenalin and keep you focused on a task. In contrast, light and soothing music can calm your nerves and relax your mind thus giving your body the blissful nap it requires. But what good are earphones or your phone speakers in such an environment? Portable bluetooth speakers would serve this purpose wonderfully.

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