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7 ways to add quirk to your living space

Whether you’re doing up your bachelor pad or bored with your staid décor, living spaces must be exactly that — living!

7 ways to add quirk to your living space

Your home is an extension of your personality, and the way you use the space around you should not only reflect your passions, but also give you a place to truly explore them. Here are 7 ways in which you can add your own unique style to your living space.

Find an inspiring sculpture

Find a statement sculpted piece that inspires you and build your room or a corner around it. A brass and stone Buddha statue, for example, can instill a sense of peace and calm in your home. Simply place it on a brass stool and make sure the other pieces of furniture compliment it in terms of color and design. Use muted earthy shades for upholstery, find Buddha themed cushion covers, add an indoor water foundation, buy an ethnic rug and keep your furniture traditional and minimal to make your centerpiece really shine. The idea is to allow all aspects of the room to be in sync with your statement piece, and you’ll see how cohesive your house looks.

Liven up your kitchen with an herb garden

While potted plants, hanging pots in your balcony and long flowering stems arranged artistically in sinuous vases are a lovely addition to any home, your own herb garden in the kitchen speaks of your love of cooking and a green thumb. Buy the seeds, organic manure and pretty pots to grow your own oregano, mint and basil and see what a difference it makes to your kitchen and your food!

Play with color

The fabric that you use to drape your furniture, your curtains, your rugs and your pillows are the most instantly visible reflections of your home, and by extension, your identity. Warm, pastel colors are peaceful and soothing, whereas bolder, more vibrant hues and patterns add a sense of life to the space. Add some quirk to your room by playing with the colors of the upholstery so that it compliments the space. A recreation room could use some bolder, more vibrant shades, whereas a bedroom would need to be more relaxed and subdued. Painting one wall with a bold color, using wallpaper on the wall above your desk or trying out a colorful decal for your loft are also a few ways in which color can be used to give each room its distinct personality.

Share your love of 70mm

If you’re a movie buff, there’s nothing more appropriate or stylish than framing colorful or black and white posters of iconic movies on the wall of your TV lounge. Whether you’re a fan of The Bicycle Thief or want a creative portrait of Charlie Chaplin, get your choice of posters framed and hang them bunched together or artistically spread out in the room. If you have more silver screen collectibles like a gramophone or rare curios, make sure to display those too! Rather than simply offering ornamental value, these posters and tchotchkes will allow your guests to engage with your interests more intimately.

A stand-alone piece of furniture

A particularly lovely printed single-seater sofa or a curvy modern white wood centre table is all that you need to change the way your bedroom or living room looks. Make one décor piece the icon and pick everything else in another single solid color. A white couch with everything else in shades of slate grey for example, is a great way to offset the centerpiece and highlight its unique design or silhouette.

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Lighten up

Light is a great source of ambiance, and playing with it can turn a room from a quiet, meditative space to a vibrant social scene. It’s good to use different forms and sources of lights in different rooms, depending on their context, but sometimes it is good to play around with light so that even just one room can have all the elements you need. Fairy lights are a great way to set a subtle yet sensual mood, while ornate lamps or lanterns offer a more traditional, soothing feel. Sometimes, combining these different elements in complimentary ways can add nuances to the atmosphere in the room.

Ease your senses with scents

Patchouli, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, cinnamon or citrus, whatever your pick, you can do a lot for your home simply by playing with fragrance. Use incense sticks, reed diffusers, aroma burners or even air sprays to add a certain sensuality or mood to the overall ambiance. Being in a place that smells good soothes the senses, and if the source of the perfume is an equally beautiful work of art—an ornate incense holder, for example, or a beautiful reed diffuser bottle—it contributes to the beauty of the space.

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