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7 cool reasons why you need a smartwatch

So you thought a smartwatch wasn’t much more than arm candy? Here’s why you must reset your opinion

7 cool reasons why you need a smartwatch
  • The ultimate anti-fumble aid

With notifications delivered directly to the smartwatch, there is no need to dig out the phone from your bag or pocket every time there’s a buzz or a ping. Plus, since most notifications are related to an annoying Facebook friend inviting you to play a game or that guy from the office sending you an unwarranted forward on WhatsApp, a smartwatch helps to navigate through this tommyrot with little fuss. A glance at your wrist will let you choose when you need to pull out your phone or go on with your life.

  • More power to you!

As you know, it’s the sharp HD display of the smartphone that zaps about 50% of the phone’s battery. And yes, while its true that your smartwatch’s battery will barely last the day, look at the bigger picture. With you spending most of your spare time on the smartwatch, your phone’s screen will barely be powered on, leaving you with enough juice on your phone at the end of the day to watch videos, read and reply to mail or chat with your BFFs without needing a recharge.

  • Making time for health

We all know the benefits of monitoring our health on a daily basis, which is why there are a million health apps and a smorgasbord of smartbands. The only hitch? One morning you forget to put on the smartband or access the app and soon you find yourself forgetting its existence for the next month, scrambling to finess your fitness data and finally need to start over. Forgetting a watch however, isnt all that common and armed with one everyday, you’ll be able to keep a better tab on exercise and diet while using the same device for all your other ‘smart’ needs.

  • No more travelling like a juggler!

The days where we had to be expert jugglers balancing our shoulder bags, laptops, phone and boarding card as we ran towards the departure gates at the airport are now past. Flash the boarding card on the screen of your smartwatch and be a less harried yet more secure traveler. Isn’t technology a great thing?

  • Control your tunes

It’s what we love most about our phones. We get to carry our entire music library with us all the time, buy a song that may pop into our head on the go or simply tune in to an internet radio station. But there’s always that one song or another that you want to skip. With a smartwatch, you no longer need to dish out your phone—it’s an easy as a flick of a button.

  • Make every day different

Bored of staring at the same wristwatch dial every day? A smartwatch is the answer. It allows you to run wild with ideas on what greets you on your wrist every time you look down. A funky display will also work as a great conversation starter… if you know what we mean!  

  • No more gaping and goggling

There is no need to look like a fish out of water as you follow directions to that special yet oh so quirky restaurant you promised your date you would take her to. With the smartwatch you can navigate to the destination without holding out and following your phone like a modern day treasure hunter. Just a glimpse of your smartwatch will get you there while you get extra credit for knowing your way around the city. Plus, you no longer need to concentrate on your phone so acutely that you can’t have a normal conversation on the way there.

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