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Busted – 3 myths about smartwatches

What’s holding you back from buying any of those smartwatches you’ve been ogling? Bust these myths to move it from your wishlist to your cart

Busted – 3 myths about smartwatches

The smartwatch has taken the world by storm as the new revolutionary gadget that combines all the features you need while requiring minimum effort to carry around. If youve been hesitant about buying one so far, here are some facts you should know.

Myth: They are expensive

Fact: Smartwatches were expensive when they were first introduced in the market. However, as the ecosystem grew and as smartwatches began flying off the counter, just like every other piece of technology we’ve ever used, the prices have cooled. With multiple brands joining the fray, healthy competition has led to smartwatches becoming more and more pocket-friendly. Using a smartwatch will also save you money indirectly; for example, a health buff will find that a smartwatch offers all or most of the features of a fitness tracker to complement your workout, saving you the money you would invest in a health band. If you’ve invested in an mp3 player since smartphones have become too big for our pockets, you don’t need to with a smartwatch, which also saves you the trouble of taking out your player to change the song or folder. With a smartwatch, investing in a separate GPS device is also unnecessary whether you’re a long distance runner, biker or simply driving to destinations known and unknown as following directions right on your wrist is easy as pie.


Myth: They’re for the young

Fact: The advantages of a smartwatch are as universal as its the features. Age is no barrier here. smartwatches can help you track the health of the elderly, especially those who need constant care but are always on the move. In the work environment, a smartwatch can help you be more efficient and quicker since you can see posts, answer emails, respond to messages and even keep appointments at the flick of a button, all by separating the relevant from spam. Think about an executive chef, for example. He can now view a step-by-step guide from his gourmet guru for preparing the pièce de résistance for the dinner menu without worrying about having to thumb through a recipe book with greasy hands all with the convenient wrist unit.


Myth: They bulk-up your wrist

Fact: Sleek and light smartwatches are now in the market so you don’t have to pick one that looks imposing if you don’t want to. Whether you prefer a square, rounded or rectangular shape, basic colors or vibrant shades, thicker straps or feminine fastenings, straight edges or a curvy fit, there’s a smartwatch that suits every whim and fancy. smartwatches are designed to look sleek while packing quite a punch in their features—from answering calls to notifying you to take your mid-afternoon green tea—and allow you to judge them by the cover too!

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