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Flipkart and Microsoft forge cloud partnership to expand e-commerce in India

Digital India is the winner as Flipkart Group CEO Binny Bansal and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announce key partnership to expand e-commerce in India.


An Ekart SOS innovation in memory of Wishmaster Nanjunda Swamy

The unsettling murder of a field executive is today paving the way for innovations that are reinforcing the safety of Ekart Wishmasters in the line of duty. The Ekart field executive’s app is now equipped with a red SOS button named Nanjunda, in memory of Wishmaster Nanjunda Swamy


Flipkart Stories News Update – Feb 17, 2017

From GST to market leadership, catch up on the latest headlines about Flipkart in this weekly news update


Flipkart Accessories Carnival is Back– Fascinating deals on top brands

Join the 10th edition of the Flipkart Accessories Carnival between February 21st -23rd February, 2017 for the best deals on top electronic accessories brands. Read ahead to get a glimpse of what you can expect during the sale.

Flipkart and Microsoft forge cloud partnership to expand e-c ...

An Ekart SOS innovation in memory of Wishmaster Nanjunda Swa ...

Flipkart Stories News Update – Feb 17, 2017

Flipkart Accessories Carnival is Back– Fascinating deals o ...


This gang of Wasseypur gets its thrills from shopping online

In quest of big tales from small-town India, Flipkart Stories ventures nervously to Wasseypur. In this coal town made darker by Anurag Kashyap’s films, we found Digital Indians hungry for more than just Bollywood and bullets

For these overjoyed Flipkart customers, No Cost EMI = No Stress EMI!

What’s the big deal about No Cost EMI? Why do Flipkart customers swear by it? We spoke to customers across India to see why they had chosen to pay via this innovative financing option pioneered by Flipkart. And we came away with glimpses into lives and peeks into these redeeming and humbling human stories

In Asansol, Flipkart customers innovate to beat delivery woes

The map of Digital India is ever expanding to accommodate the spread of e-commerce, but not without its share of growth pangs. In Asansol, West Bengal’s second-largest city, suburban customers find unique solutions to overcome last-mile delivery hurdles

How high-spending Indian women in metros found a friend in Flipkart

The modern Indian woman: uncompromising, quality-conscious, aware. Running her own business, running the house, running a company — she’s always on the move. Saving on time and money, she’s taken to the Internet when it comes to shopping, but what makes her choose Flipkart time and again? We spoke to the highest spenders from Indian metros who’ve found a friend in Flipkart to get the answer, and bring you a slice of their inspiring lives.

In Makhu, Punjab, Flipkart steps into a new customer’s shoes

During Big Billion Days 2016, a young man in Makhu, Punjab shopped online for the first time and ordered a pair of sneakers. Flipkart Chairman Sachin visited the village of Joge Wala to meet this new Flipkart customer and deliver the shoes in person. Read this extraordinary story

Flipkart’s most loyal customers explain why they keep coming back

What keeps Flipkart customers loyal? A good first impression. Finding an avenue to pursue a passion. Getting a great deal. Finding that one thing they were looking for. These are some of the positive experiences that keep customers coming back to Flipkart. From Meerut to Mumbai, Allahabad to Kolkata, the most loyal customers speak out about their Flipkart journey. Laced with recollections and joyful anecdotes, this is a story of unwavering faith in one of India’s most loved homegrown brands.


Fake reviews on Flipkart? Read this before you believe them

Are fake reviews and false ratings being used to promote products sold on Flipkart? Who posts fake reviews? While shopping on Flipkart, how can you differentiate between reviews left by genuine customers and fake reviews planted by scamsters? Read this article to learn more about which reviews to trust

Are fake products sold on Flipkart? Here are the authentic answers

Is there any truth in the ongoing online debate over Flipkart selling fake products ? Have you taken any serious effort to understand the real facts behind these claims? Find the answers right here.

Does Flipkart sell fake perfumes? Your questions answered

Are you concerned about fake perfumes on Flipkart? This Q&A will address your worries and help you shop with confidence for the fragrance brands that you love

Flipkart product returns process – How it works

This simple guide will help you understand how the Flipkart product returns process works, making your shopping and returns experience smooth and convenient

How to track your Flipkart order

Wondering what’s happening with your Big Billion Days purchase? Here’s an easy guide to help you track your order

Follow these tips before buying big furniture online

Concerned about buying big furniture online? Follow these useful tips and suggestions for worry-free shopping


The ZTE Blade A2 Plus — beautiful design with a beast of a battery

The latest in the range of power-packed phones, the Blade A2 Plus is all set to elbow out its competition with enviable features and a very affordable price tag. Let’s take a look at what this smartphone brings to the table, and why we think it has the potential to be your best bet when it comes to power-on-demand!

Enter a #PHAB new dimension with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

Here to revolutionize smartphones in India, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro certainly has plenty of aces up its sleeve. The first smartphone to unite the Tango™ technology from Google, Augmented Reality feature, 4 cameras, a 6.4” QHD screen and Dolby Atmos® sound, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is a giant — in more ways than one!

Top Made in India smartphones on offer this Republic Day

As India makes leaps and bounds in the global sphere, conquering industry and space with equal fervor, our rapid strides in technology are no different. On the occasion of our country’s Republic Day, we bring you a list of 4 feature-packed, purebred smartphones manufactured in the country. So let’s put on our saffron and green hats, and take a look at the top Made in India smartphones Flipkart has offer!

Redmi Note 4 is a fully loaded smartphone with a budget price tag

A slick design and plenty of specs without breaking the bank. That’s the Redmi Note 4. We tell you why this budget smartphone can give other smartphones in the sub 15k category a run for their money.

Flipkart 2017 Smartphone Trends – What India can look forward to this year

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) coming to a splendid close, and the Mobile World Congress—the world’s biggest smartphone showcase—all set to open its doors in February 2017, we bring you the top smartphone trends that will help define this space in 2017. From edgeless screens, fast charging phones, high-performance processors and virtual reality, our 2017 Smartphone Trends report will provide insights into what you can expect in devices launched this year.

The award winning Lenovo Z2 Plus – Smart meets reliability

What makes the Lenovo Z2 Plus stand out in its mid-range segment? We share the top reasons why experts and reviewers give this smartphone a thumbs up.


#DiscoverYourHobby – Take the ultimate hobby test

Take the hobby test on Flipkart Stories and find out the area of interest that is ideal for you to pursue.

#HumanStoriesQuiz – The humans of Flipkart contest

Play the humans of Flipkart contest on Flipkart Stories and 10 lucky winners will get a chance to win Flipkart EGVs worth INR 1000 each.

#IndiaMadeQuiz – The Made in India smartphones contest from Flipkart

On the occasion of our country’s 68th Republic Day, Flipkart Stories listed down 4 feature-packed, purebred smartphones manufactured in our country. Take this Made in India smartphone contest and test your tech knowledge about these devices. Ten lucky winners stand a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth INR 1000.

Smartphone Personality Test: What type of user are you?

Take the Flipkart Smartphone Personality test and unbox your true smartphone character. Just answer these simple questions to discover it.

#MotoMQuiz – Play the all-metal Moto M contest and win Flipkart gift vouchers

How much do you really know about the magnificent Moto M smartphone, available exclusively on Flipkart? Play the Moto M contest and find out. 10 lucky winners will get their hands on Flipkart electronic gift vouchers worth INR 1000 each.

#FlipBack2016Quiz – How deeply have you read the top Flipkart Stories?

How well do you know Flipkart Stories? How deeply have you read the top stories on the site? This contest tests the depth of your reading. Do you know every little bit of trivia? Take this quiz and find out if you’ll be the lucky one to win ₹1,500 in EGVs!